Lil-ya vs. The Great Sargon - Sodomizing Iraq

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 11:36PM :

Sodomizing Iraq

Posted By: The Great Sargon (
Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2002, at 3:09 a.m.

In Response To: well, hm. (Lilly)

Dear Lilly,

I think my message went totally over your head. Everyone knows war is bad. Nobody wants war. That whole breaking news war is bad headline was sarcasm. Get it now?

We all know if the US goes to war with Iraq, people are going to die. But if the US doesn't go to war with Iraq more people are going to die.

Look back at the same two countries in the same situation in 1991. The US had a choice. Topple Saddam via war or leave him in place. We know what choice was made but ask yourself what would have happened if the US had toppled Saddam. How many Iraqi lives would have been saved? Half a million children for a start. Any alternative US friendly regime, even if it was another puppet dictatorship, would have complied with UN resolutions and US demands meaning no need for sanctions.

I don't want war. All those people who support a war in Iraq? They don't want war either. But you know what the alternative to invading Iraq is? Exactly the same situation we are in now. Sanctions, bombings and oppression. You think this situation which we've been in for 10 years and counting with no end in sight is better than war? What kind of sadist are you?

Hell even if by some miracle the UN lifted the sanctions and the US stopped bombing the country, Saddam would still be sodomizing Iraq. Read my message again for a few examples. Then what? Iraqi people can't topple him, the Kurds and Shias tried and failed. And there's no way you'd support a war by the US, the only country who would be willing to topple him.

Bottom line: the US has installed a powerful dictator who cares only about himself and now that there's a chance they'll fix up their mistake. In 1991 they chose not to topple and we know what it led to. Now you want to make the same decision and pray that there'll be a different outcome? You're too naive and optimistic.

-- Jeff
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