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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 12:09PM :

In Reply to: The Puke Is Cleaned Up! posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 10:39AM :

: Read below: You can keep the gloves on, I've taken mine off and cleaned up the puke.

: : +++The name you are using isn't a's a title. None of us are speak so bravely without standing by your know.

: No, sorry but you are wrong. Bar Ninvayah is my middle name and it has been used before.

+++Looks too much like "Nyah Nyah".

The fact that I left out my last name shouldn't offend the panchmaster.

+++I'm not offended...I just know you is are the same person who's posted before under different'd be surprised how consistant you are.
: :
: : : All right, I'm taking off the gloves, for a while.

: : +++Not before you clean up the vomit.
: Well, I did make one mistake, the vomit was to shake things up a little, (I didn't vomit on anyone - that was my reaction to the bland ideas tossed around here) and I didn't think you had such a thin skin.

+++You can repeat "bland" all you want to. What you see here is the only Assyrian site that dares even broach these things...hardly the norm You boys worry that too many people around the world will get the "wrong" idea about Assyrians's what you all whine to Hanna and Firas about. The best you can hope to do is repeating the bland statement that we are bland around here. If we're so bland what got your bowels in an uproar? Jeff asked you a simple question and you STILL can't answer "exciting" can you get.

I guess I was wrong, I thought this was a Forum where different ideas could be expressed, but since you only want yes people who will agree with everything you say (do you deny your leftist, liberal leanings?)

++++Oh run along and "shake" someone else up. You see how we only want our own ideas around here. What idea exactly did you come with...that Israel is gooder than palestine? THAT'S news in this country???

: : If you are really the peaceful person you claim to be, then why do attack the character and personalities of people who disagree with you,

+++Because they suck. Doesn't mean I'd do anything about have a right to be as much of a jerk as I am...and you're welcome to disagree all you want guys always come on the same way...because you get "attacked", you banish yourselves then blame us for it. I get banished and deleted all the time bvy you guys and still I keep coming back again and again. You come here...have your say...fume for a while...then say you guess you aren't wanted because you got "attacked"...then delete yourself...and make it our doing. Do what you want.

: : +++You mean like you lumped people together and puked on them?

: AGAIN, my reactionary strategy to get a lively dialogue going here - nothing personal.


: : instead of the issues.

: : +++What issues? You guys think when you make sweeping generalizations and gnash your teeth and shake your fists you've hit an "issue"

: The primary issue is that Assyrians should be allowed a conservative perspective on this Forum without being spit upon and villified with dirty names because they also happen to be Christian.

+++Just wanted to "liven" things up a little...gee, you can do it but I can't?

+++Assyrians are consevartive all over the place. What's new is a forum that allows people to be conservative or whatever they choose to be. This country is attacking people for is Israel..and we can't "attack" you? What makes you so come the world has to be so careful with your feelings?

: :
: : Would that philosophy inspire peace and good will in the world?

: : +++Puking all over people doesn't. Neither does encouraging Israelis to kill Palestinianians. Peace and goodwill are what you Christians bring to people you vomit on.

: Puking doesn't kill people. You must have really been offended by the puke (you keep mentioning it) but, I repeat, I wasn't puking on anyone (check my posts).

+++The United States is killing Muslims in the last 200 years came attacking America or Britain...instead they've been defending themselves all this time from OUR attacks...and just because they got ONE attack in..after all these guys have gone apeshit. Who makes all the weapons in this world...Muslim countries or Christian ones? Who has the battleships and jet planes and aircraft carriers and tanks and tons of more they sell to the entire world...Christian countries or Muslim ones? Who started World Wars and threatened to start Nuclear ones...Tunisia?

: : And your condescending manner, is that reserved just for Christians?

: : +++Yes. How else would you treat someone who can't get in to see their bank manager but believes he has the rapt attention of the god of the universe, The grand creator of the stars and galaxies who fawns all over him and pets him...a god who worries over him and follows him around talking to him?

: WOW! Where did all that come from? It certainly didn't issue forth from me. I don't rank myself that highly, not have I ever done so. I still don't understand why you persist with your antiChristian rant agfainst me. I never brought Christianity into the mix. Or are you saying that antiChristians don't have values of any kind: good, bad or indifferent?

++++I'm "anti" the religion that has been tearing the heart out of my homelands, the birthplace of my Heritage, for the last 200 years. The Roman and Byzantine "Christian" armies would have overrun the world had not the Muslims stopped them. You have any idea how many people those two Christian Empires killed between them? Islam is a religion of "violence"...are you kidding me?

+++You disguise all your religious intolerance and hatred and bigotry in "political analysis". You don't have to mention Christianity ARE Christianity.

: :
: : I never said I was a Christian, but for the record, I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a Catholic, not the Fundamentalist, born again Christian you assumed I was.

: : ++++So much the worse for you...Catholic puke is among the nastiest.

: Now who is displaying the worst form of prejudice and bias? But that's okay, I can restrain myself from stooping to that level (which is worse than my reactionary puke)!

+++I am impressed

: :
: : : And all those arguments you brought up about America being the most violent nation. Those arguments do carry some weight, but they are too complex to be dismissed with one or two sentences.

: : +++Unlike your "points" which fall over all by themselves. Who stood YOU up last week? Been a rough semester? Pimples got you down?
: Wrong on point one, point two and point three. But go ahead, rant on since you're enjoying yourself so much, I don't have as thin a skin as you - get it out of your system. Are you going to attack my mother next?

++++The poor woman has suffered enough.

: : Each of those issues has another side, ugly as they may be. I'll concede that you may have some very good arguments and if you like I would be willing to argue the points intelligently and calmly,

: : +++You don't discuss. Besides this isn't a debating what you want.

: Oh, I vomit! And what do you call this?

+++Vomit breeds tell us...what makes you favor Israel?

: : but the other accusations about my identity, etc., that was uncalled for.

: : +++Your vomit was called for? Clean up your own mess first and get yourself a name you aren't afraid to stand behind...then try again. Or don't. You aren't doing me any's not like your "issues" are deep and interesting...another Chritian rant is all. You don't like Democrats, Palestinians, wimps and cowards...write a book.

: Okay, I dished it out, but I've also taken it without reacting. Now, let me ask you just one question: If I had left out all of the loaded words and just expressed my conservative viewpoint on this Forum, would you have treated me any differently than you have thus far?

+++WHAT views...what are you talking about? Your diatribe is just "like" this and you don't "like" that. This is supposed to open our eyes to something?

: :
: : I like a good argument, but I'm not so narrow-minded as you might think.

+++You haven't 'argued" anything...just listed your pet peeves. I suppose a turd from you is a gift?

: : +++Gee...what could have given me that idea.


: : And my main concern whether you believe me or not is the safety of the Assyrian people, especially in Iraq.

: : +++Oh come one! Their safety means nothing to you...there are Assyrians in south Iraq too...and central, east and guys never mention them because it is Christians who fly the bombs in and Christians who starve them and deny them medicine. Because the United States has allowed it...we have a temporary "haven" in the north...had they not...none of you would be "interested" in those Assyrians...and if tomorrow they move the "no fly" zone 150 miles to the east, you'll all fall in love with those Assyrians and never want to hear about the ones you were "so concerned" about before. ALL Assyrians...Christian and Muslim have been and ARE in danger there...all Iraqis are in danger there.

: Okay, if Christians are guilty of all of the above, then what have the nonChristians done that is any better?

++++Refused to become Christian...which has helped cause we all saw what Christians are willing to do to other Christians. I have no truck with any of the seed of far as I'm concerned we were right to send that sort of prevert packing...and his entire tribe has brought us to this madness...and you guys will argue forever about which of you is the TRUE child of God when you are ALL sons of bitches.

: : +++Saddam never attacked the United States...he never killed 600,000 Iraqi children...indeed the standard of living was high and climbing in Iraq and Asssyrian Christians and Muslims were living quite well...except for the fact that your damn Christian religion was pissed at having "lost" the country.

: I am truly amazed that you are so adept at taking a pinch of truth to mix into the statments above to make it palatable enough for the uninformed masses to swallow.

++++Is sort of amazing aint it?

You leave out so many facts, that it seems impossible to carry on a rational discussion.

+++That's JUST what I said about you.

: : ++++Given that the United States prefers dealing with these kinds of tyrants...from Patagonia to Kuwait...and given that the people of Iraq never had a choice about accepting America's candidate...I'd say life for Iraqis was just fine thank you, inspite of the liabilities. Just because Saddam went "rogue", was no good reason to punish the lovely people of Iraq.

: I know you don't care what I believe, but just for the record, I don't want to destroy anyone in Iraq, but I would like to send Saddam and his henchmen to the Hague for trial,

+++Then start in Washington DC. Saddam is just one of many tyrants and despots the United States supports and has for years. Saddam did wonders for Iraq at a difficult time in the Middle East. You guys have no ideas what was going just bark in the direction you're pointed to. You are another one hoping the removal of saddam will give you a Christian enclave...RIGHT!

but before Ido that, I'd like to take him into the back room to give him a thrashing within an inch of his life!

+++Think what he'd like to do to you in a back room.

: : +++The United States and Great Britain have exacerbated whatever difficulties that region had on its own...our "ally" Saudi Arabia is a much worse dictatorship than Saddam has.



: : : I Am: Ashur

: : +++You are ALL Ashur...I didn't think "Clyde" would be the name such a Christian muggins would come up with. And those of you aren't Ashur or an implement, are Sargon. Whatever your name might are a born again...I don't take people at their own estimation of themselves.

: There you go again! The truth, whether you like it or not is that I am: Ashur! If you respond to this - do me one favor: Call me any name you like, but leave my name and heritage out of the personal attacks. OK don't like Saddam and the Palestinians...I don't like you. But I wouldn't kill you for I wouldn't ban or delete're as welcome as I am.

-- panchmaster
-- signature .

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