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Andreas, Show me your evil games !

Posted by Ir@qi on September 03, 2001 at 01:24:39:

In Reply to: Show me what's left of you .... posted by andreas on September 02, 2001 at 18:08:16:

Fuhrer andreas,

Gotten Morgen

I though it was the British, not the German, who are concerned with dividing countries and people any way it fits their evil empire interest. The British intentionally not only split the people of Assyria, created Kuwait, and Israel, but did too many crimes to count here.
This is how they did it for example to the people (many of them are Assyrians) of the cities of Kaamishly and H7asaka in eastern "today Syria", who were taken away from Iraq and made part of Syria, although many of them till today have all the physical looks, habits, taste, and the accent of Iraqis, similar to what have happened to some of the Germans in some of your next door countries who still consider them self Germans.
Assyrians know where Beit Nahrain is, they know where Nienavah is, and they know where Ashur was born and lived. They do not need a German guide, or a British map to find out were they belong, what ever the name of that place is today.
Jawad Saleem the great Iraqi artist was born in Turkey, but no one needed to tell him were he, and his art belong, he found his way to the heart of Baghdad by heart.
I am sure you were happy when the German were able to unify East and West Germany against the well of their evil European brothers who wanted Germany divided for ever. So why are you jumping in now to try to split and divide the people of Mesopotamia on the basis of names and terminology which was invented by your evil Europeans brothers.
If you care about people who are not Germans then go defend the refugees in your country who have been burned alive for no fault other than to try to seek a better life, after your Western brothers destroyed their countries, and stole their resources with their ever evil games, like the "name game" you are playing here.


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