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Re: Ross

Posted by Ir@qi on September 23, 2001 at 00:20:29:

In Reply to: Re: Ross posted by parhad on September 22, 2001 at 15:19:06:

First remember Americans have a very short attention span, they can watch hours of "Bay Watch", or a Football game, but they will lose interest in watching a story about the Afghanistan, or the Assyrian, unless you show them some Gold artifact, and some strange stories about head cutting or something weird like that.
So do not get lost in details the average American dose not give a dam about, even if it is important, rather start with the most shocking and interesting, and the stuff you want to get through to them before they go to sleep, or go to get a beer.
Every once in a while ask Ross a challenging questions like "You keep using the Old Testament as the source of your information, what evidence do you have to show that this old book is authentic, true, and not self serving.
As we know some people are questioning the reliability of the New Testament which is more recent, and wither it is the word of God, or the word and the creativity of people, human some of whom spent very little time with Jesus.
In the case of the Assyrian Jewelry these speaks for them self, and has been dated...etc they are real scientific evidence.
And if Christianity has really saved, and civilized the Assyrian how come they were able to be so creative, and create civilization and beauty before Christ, and with him they became just another people, and lost most of their greatness and talent ?
And if the Old Testament is so critical of the Assyrians, why did it steal their creative stories like Galgamish, which many say it is the basis of the Bible.
Why the American seem to justify the killing of thousand of people in their many wars as collateral damage, yet
want to apply today standards on wars of 3000 years ago, as were reported by a self serving Bible...
Ross the Turtle is properly reading your page, and preparing answers, but it will take him more than this to reach the finish line.

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