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Re: Ross

Posted by parhad on September 23, 2001 at 01:11:41:

In Reply to: Re: Ross posted by Ir@qi on September 23, 2001 at 00:20:29:

All good points. It's a rare privilege indeed to stand there and have someone quote an Assyrian the bible as any sort of "objective" assessment of our History...and OH! to be able to answer. I have the feeling that Christian Assyrians are dreading what I will say or do...they may stay away just because of that. Not to will help our position not at all to appear to be a boor...which I aint.

I agree that too much history will be wasted and that's not the point anyway. I want to inform Ross that for all the good in Christianity...our particular experience of that...or Islam or Judaisim, has not been that wonderful. It is insulting to say the least to have to defend my Heritage against this peculiar slander that we were a savage and violent people when the Christian British, 1000 years later, would unwind the intestines from a traitor through a small hole in his side and roast them slowly over a fire, then hang him, cut him down before he could die, cut his living heart out of him, tie his twitching carcass to four horses and have him ripped into quarters...all the while this greusome spectacle in "crowd control" was blessed by Holy Mother Church. Not to mention the Catholic nazis who skinned people for lampshades and boiled them into soap,when there was any fat left on them, and not enemies who'd rebelled or attacked anyone, but innocent women and children... So lets cut the crap about savage and cruel okay??

Any nation which admits it plans to starve and suffocate the innocent children of parents saddled by a brutal dictator custom built by the United States, armed by them to fight "communism"...then unleashed against his own people and neighbors...then left standing after a war that could have obliterated him, if his "handlers" had wanted to...left to these poor parents to dispose such a brutal and inhumane act that my ancestors would have been repulsed by it.

The image of United States troops cowering behind bombers and fire spewing tanks, their parents at home desperate that not one of them scratch a finger, thumping their chests from a safe distance while their planes carpet bomb and drop radioactive shells from 30,000 feet on top of sleeping women and children huddled in their mud and wattle huts...who have no idea what befalls them or an act of cowardice unmatched...certainly never by my ancestors.

So lets hear no more about that subject. Let's instead focus on all they built and created and refined...and how they influenced the world through them Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. Let's talk about how, if you dig all of Israel up you will find three pots to piss in...whereas if you strike a shovel anywhere in Iraq you will unearth treasures and clay tablet after tablet...and that when those tablets are FINALLY will see a civilization whose love of learning was like no other.

Remember...300 different kinds of breads alone, appetizers and wine and beer...locusts and honey was Jewish take-out...Assyrians were unparalleled in fields others hadn't even heard of...and it is THIS which so unnerves us today...this fact that we were once so high...and have sunk to this, "pass me another slap while I turn my cheek."

No sir...slap me if you dare.

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