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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 4:07AM :

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Posted by Atheer on Wednesday, 20 February 2002, at 8:42 p.m.

I received the following in an email. Enjoy, Atheer.

Dear Youel Baaba and all friends, An agricultural revolution by Atra Project is happening in our land. From every corner we are receiving applications. Now 42 villages are getting benefits from Atra Project. The news of Atra project is spreading around the country. Now the attention of our people out of Garbia is attracted by Atra Project to this direction. Yesterday from Bagdad two families came and visited me and said, "we want to bring our family here and live in the village of Dehee and as you know we have nothing to bring with us. We are starting from zero, we need help. Our family decided instead going to Jordan to come here and live among our people. We have land we can work and build what is ruined". I asked what is your most important need. They said "a small house is enough we will start from there". I asked how much money do you need. After calculations they said "we will build our houses ourselves, for materials we need 21,000 Dinars for both houses". I said go to Aid society and tell them what you told me and also visit Mr. Benyamin mookhtar of village and tell them that Atra project is ready to pay one third(7000 Dinnars)of expenses and one third will pay aid society and one third Mookhtar(Benyamin). Accidentally all we met in the office of aid society and all agreed to pay his portion. Now Their problem is solved. More good news. I met eight individuals in the village of Chagala close to the boarder of Turkey. They knew that I am visiting their village that was why they were there. In my last paragraph I will give more information about this village and why I was there. All these people were from Bagdad. They have heard about Atra project and Planting 5000 Almond twigs in their village. They became very happy and said we will take care of them and we will bring our families and live here. Yes dear friends, Atra Project has changed the direction of Assyrian's desire from going to Jordan to come and live in Atra in their villages. This is success and the fundamental activity that our future will be based on it. This is the beginning, the wave is starting and will become powerful, we have to prepare ourselves. I have ordered 30,000 apple saplings more. This needs budget and management. My budget is running toward zero. I will give my financial report in the end of February.I am sure if Assyrian in Diaspora understood that apple saplings now are small but they will become giants and they will guard our land and give life to our people, they will help enthusiasticly. Please keep going ahead with great hope to success. I suggest to read a briefing of my reports prepared by Youel Baaba in Assyrian radios and TV. Dear friends we are ten years late. We have to run and cover our hindrance. When I visited the villages of upper Barvar, I discovered four of our important villages are in the corner of others mouth to be swallowed. They are 1- Chagala. 2- Tashish 3-. Heyis 4- Marge - jiya. Chagala, This village is located in the bank of Khabour river. A large canal is going to be build that will run through the village. This is why this village have a precious future. Every body is looking to have a piece of land there. From 1961 this village is empty from Assyrians. No body dwells There. I saw a large portion of lands are ploughed and cultivated by others. This mean they want to get ownership. I met with engineer Tooma that is from that village and Mr. Ishoo a Knowledgeable person and I explained the danger. We all decided to plough the lands as much as we can and plant Almonds. We started next day. Now the lands of this village are getting 4000 almond twigs. The result is when the land owners heard about our activity they came back from every where to take care of their lands that have good future. The next year no foreigner will have permit to touch the lands of this village. A ruined village is becoming alive. Tashish. Is a very famous village. Now there is living five families. Now the land owners that are not in village are selling their lands to Kurds. Last week I heard a land about 12 acres has been sold. Under strong temptation coming from buyers and unstable condition and desire of villagers they are selling their lands. No power can change the condition, only if there be an Assyrian organization to buy the lands. I have decided to have a meeting with the people of this village to impose the idea of selling more lands. You can meet with my friend Beny in San-Jose and ask him how he can help. Heyiz and Marge-Jiya. If Heyiz is dead Marge- Jiya will die automatically. Hayiz will die when its large spring dies. It will die if its water are not in pipe. I saw with my eyes a kurd intentionally washing his bottom and genital in water that our villagers are drinking. Our people are tired with a small pretext or excuse wants to run away. Yes Kurds know that. Their donkeys, cows, sheep are urinating in this spring, They are building small huts around it. In this case they will get permit to use this water. It is a rule water first is for drinking then for cattle after all for cultivation. Yes the future of this water is in danger, Then the future of Hiyiz and Marge-jiya is in danger. The only way to save these villages is to pipe the water of this spring. I asked experts they said it will cost $18,000.00. It is almost four kilometers. We have to do it now. Next year we can do it by court because there will be huts they will get right to have water. I beg and I am pleading, I am crying please and again please do something to save these four villages. Ask Rabi Yaacob, ask aid society, ask Mr. Ishoo Aboashour, ask who you know, you will see that I am right. And my judgement is true. Our villagers are alone no body is thinking about their life and their future. I need 23,000.00 to 25,000.00 to save these villages. This is urgent. I don't know the money that our people have are sleeping in banks. Shed on them if will not be a relief to our villages and people. Tomorrow is late we will be looser. If you don't trust me, fined a way that you can trust your money have been spent in right way to right goal. Dear Youel please call Mr. Narsai and Mr. Sargon of Berkely foundation for a meeting and ask them to help to this urgent case. If you know other ways please use them. We are closing the doors of Jordan, Greece and Pakistan, and opening the doors of Garbia. I don't know Martin Jecobe(my brother in law) why is careless in this crucial case and is not deciding to help effectively. Those that are coming back home must be treated correctly and make them happy and hopeful, and feel that they will have a successful future. If not negative rumors will destroy every thing. We have to be prepared to give them good life. We, means you that have possibilities. I am asking my friend Ramin because I know how much sincere and honest he is to help by the ways he know. Atra project can be more active in the season of spring. Then we have to use our budget in this time. Dear Youel please send to me what you have. There is no difference if they be in your pocket or mine. Only if they are here I can use them when necessary, without delay and waiting loosing opportunities. My sixth report will come to you on the end of February, including financial . Two water pumps are delivered to Levoo and Condi- cosi villages for $346.00. My god what is happening here. Right away the representative of Malik Shamizden from district of Sardashtoo visited me and said "we have seven villages and we left them in 1961 because of a massacre by Kurds they killed 31 young Assyrians. Now our people are living in the suburbs of Bagdad. Our Malik(They live as old times) is asking if we decided to return back home What you can do to us to manage our living?" Think about it from 61 the villages have no habitant, the lands and water system are as a desert. I answered tell to your malik Atra project will plough as much of your land that your people can plant. We will give you all kind of fruit twigs. We will give you tents, blankets, pillows and mattresses ( About sheltering people, I have arranged a program with Rabi Yaacob that red cross will give us all what is mentioned above.). and more all items that are in governmental ration program including rice, flour. Sugar, oil. Soep and etc. I repeatedly told him that we can help just what I told you. He said "that is enough we are happy and appreciate. This will be a good news to malik and to our people." Dear friends this is the situation of our people please think about them profoundly, live with them, be with them, feel them, think as they are thinking. Get all desires that they have. They are starting to live a new life that it's base is zero. Feel be sensitive and not cruel, help them now, tomorrow is late. If we do nothing later you will see them in Jordan, Greece or Pakistan. Again needy Assyrians. We have to not create another tragedy. Be kind open minded and open pocket. I am running and warning and asking for help from all Assyrians. I afraid Assyrians will not hear my voice and my cries in time. It depends on you. This is an historic report, you Assyrians in Diaspora are responsible. This representative will be back after a week and will inform me about the decision that Malik Shamizdin has made. Dear sister Arian, please write articles in Ninvi and Assyrian star about our people's situation. And the responsibilities that our people and organizations in Diaspora have to create a good future to our nation. A lot of our villages are occupied by Kurds. There is no ear to hear our protest here. Here all our organizations have protested but no result. I will give you the name of three occupied villages. 1- Divri(Duriya) 2- Chamiani 3- Girbish. He who is using his power as a dictator has to see power against his unjustified desires. This war is starting today. It is a war of Internet. My friends this war is your war. If you managed it universally you will get victory. I know and I am sure our dictator has weakness and is afraid from the war of internet. Every body has to participate in this war and have a share of building our future. The list of villages and the family names of each village and the number of saplings they have received will come to you in my sixth report. For distribution and checking how are twigs planted and preparing file for each family and each land I will be busy for somedays. For this reason you will get my sixth report in the end of February. God bless you all Ashour

+++Everything sort of sounds right...but wrong too. For one thing there is the bit about urinating Kurds and still seems wiser not to inflame the majority, not to play Kurd off against Iraqi and get us caught in between again.

And just why will the planting of trees save the world over there...weren't orchards buldozed before and can't they be torn up again? Would people who wash bottoms in springs not poison them some other way?

We have always done this...acted as if we existed in a world apart. The realities should be clear by amount of villages and trees and Assyrian huts are going to stop anyone from ruining them all every few years. We need something drastically different if we are to have any peace or stability...and that's just what we need, what they all need in the region...peace first, after which we can talk about any number of things...but to have Christians from ouitside sending money to plant Christian trees and Christian wells will only inflame the population more, as their own trees and water systems are being bombed and ruined by more Christians from the air.

Could it be that true blue Assyrians don't want peace and prosperity in the region because the Assyrian Christian might just lie down with the Muslim?

-- pancho
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