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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 4:45AM :

In Reply to: Re: Got A Bad Feeling...Part Two posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 4:07AM :

I agree with you in that we shouldn't be inflaming the local population, but...

You always say that by doing what we are doing... we will make our people back home act as if they are receiving welfare, and that these small projects can all be destroyed in a week. I understand that you think a better way to protect them would be to get public exposure in the US, but can't both be done simultaneously? They need help back there, now... right?


Ok, A "news break" just came on about how Federal Agents raided 4 Detroit area homes because people were suspected of sending funds back to Iraq. Some of these people could have been Chaldeans... they do send money back home to help their families, etc... but the federal agents interviewed and the news reporter made it clear that NO money can be sent to iraq, EVEN TO HELP RELATIVES, under our embargo. It is against the law.

So, with that in mind, how can the AAS be sending money to Iraq, or does the FBI consider the North of Iraq not to be part of Iraq proper??

The Chaldean church sends money to churches in Iraq, is that also against the law?

What a story.

-- Jeff
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