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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 2:15AM :

In Reply to: Re: Her response posted by Julia from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 1:31AM :

: I am here for my religion, and the fact that i'm a person with ideas, and for the fact that I am interested in the 'neo-assyrian' concept that Jeff told me about;

+++Stop curdles milk! I would love to hear your ideas...all one of them. Everything you said and say and will say drips with your is as boring as heaven!

i am interested in people who posit new ideas and new solutions; i am interested in how our people can stay a people and at the same time be less xenophobic/homophobic/religion-phobic

+++Yeah, good, so am I. Got any? We should all "Love" and be "Sweet" and "Respect" and "Love" and be "Nice" and "Love"...did I leave anything out?

+++These are pleasant homllies which in the end may turn out to have been the answer...but no one is looking for those answers...least of all Christians who you seem to excuse readily enough just because YOU happen to love Christ. Love will not end the bombing of didn't start it. An earnest appeal from you, is NOT a policy anyone can build's nice and pretty and makes you go all gooey inside...but this isn't about YOU and how much you need to be respected and loved back.

...i am about tolerance, and respect, and i want you to see that your formula for bringing about change to the Assyrian socieity will not work without tolerance and respect.

+++I am not trying to change anything...except this thing I do that bugs you so much...THAT is what I am all about. I'm here to annoy people. If you are annoyed by my annoying comments about the children of Iraq, then DO something about it. All you want to do is get me to stop annoying YOU! With or without me annoying you, the children of Iraq will not get the benefit of a damn thing from you because THEY don't annoy you, but KNOWING about them does...this is all about YOU getting annoyed...and I am the only thing in the world apparently, that annoys you enough to make you want to send me to Iraq...where I just might step on a land mine and stop annoying you...then you can have the last word by praying for my poor tattered sole.

And i know you stand for it, but you spend a lot of time undermining the principle of tolerance by hating on people who don't agree with you, and you disrespect people constantly.

+++So do you by helping to send bombs to kill people...that shows some distinct disrespect for their right not to be bombed...for nothing more than oil. Dean Swift caused an uproar when he suggested eating surplus Irish babies who were starving during one of the many famines the Brits induced as a way of getting rid of the Irish. He suggested cooking and eating the darlings too...why just kill them? Why not run your engines with the fires made from burning Iraqi children instead of burning the oil underneath their playpens?

Yes people treat you like shit too but it is a series of in kind statements that is caused by one and sustained by two.

+++Oh're making me sticky all over. No one treats me like shit...they treat themselves like shit and allow me to witness it.

You actually made the first noble gesture by writing for the need for a noble gesture, and so you beat me to it. And i respect you for that.

+++You are SO cloying you gum up your works...I mean "you first" as in YOU go to Iraq first and get your knees hugged.

You can set the standard.

: I do care about what you say, i don't necessarily care for your 'approval' ; i don't want your validation but i do want your respect.

+++Has anyone ever told you that these are things that COME...they can't be DRAGGED over. You were brought up to expect the seas to part when you announced your Christianity, or entered a room, or got a good grade...and you're just pissed that these lofty words and high sounding phrases don't get you instant ANYTHING...but a good wap upside the head. This must be a first for you I am sure...but there again, it's your problem.

I don't want you to agree with my ideas but i do want you to respect me as a human being.

+++I GOT THE POINT! And I lose more and more of what I didn't have much of for you to begin with. I am NOT a charity ward! Stop falling apart in front of us all.

Respect and tolerance are so important to community building;

+++YES...I KNOW!!!

people don't gather and make towns and cities with just infrastructure; we need to make it clear that respect and tolerance are the key foundations of any progressive, civil, modern society.

+++As a Christian how would YOU know that? REAL Christians don't let drunk Christians bomb babies! Whatever towns are built with...your Christians are blowing them apart. Love Christ a little less and Ashur more.

: I am a Christian, yes, and I am proud of it. I love Christ, I love God.

+++And I'm beginning to loathe YOU!

If you have a problem with these alternate issues, then you can address it aside from issues already mentioned; rather than read what you want in every sentence i write.

+++Sweet Cheeks...I told you once before...a command from you places no obligation on me. If I tell you to go to you listen? Of course not.

: : It's all been said. You are here for your religion, and I am not. You have yours and I have mine. If I am at be the nobler one, after all, you are the Christian among first.

+++Get on the plane FIRST ya nimno!!!

note to Alli: How wuz that? Was I more restrained like you wanted I should be? Whatcha wearin' toots!

-- pancho
-- signature .

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