Bleeding Hearts and Bleeding Bodies

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 8:51PM :

I surely do want to apologize to the women folk here for offending them by laughing at Iraqi children and their pain and suffering. Just struck me as funny, I dunno.

But a whole lot funnier is your squeamishness. I guess you just don't like to know when these things are going on. As long as you don't hear about it...or hear about only in "proper" and "dignified" ways, then your sensibilities are preserved...and this is, after all, about allowing a woman of "happy" morals to complete her study of bugs so she can get a job and pay back her loans in peace...and the other nut case can go on making points in the air, in quiet.

You don't think it is funny that you don't mind what happens so much as you care terribly how you find out?

I think it's very funny. I think all the murder we are helping commit so we can come home and safely kill each other and our own children and the air, water and earth, is hilarious. The world is a crazy place. kick back and enjoy.

Let's face can't live in this country, make more than $500 a year and NOT be implicated in murder and mayhem SOMEWHERE...not to benefit you personally, but just in order to get any number of Turks and Muslims and Good Germans and decent and well educated Americans go along in order to get along.

As Hamlet says to Horatio when the latter says all men should be treated as they which Hamlet replies, "no BETTER"...because if you treated us all as we deserved, who then should escape a whipping?

-- pancho
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