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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 2:20PM :

In Reply to: Re: Tweaking Abgar posted by Paul Younan from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 1:39PM :

: By the time Meshikha came around, speaking their own language and being inclusive of all tribes and races, they were ready to accept Him and His message, Semitic and ultimately Mesopotamian in origin....

+++ No, not: "Him and His message, Semitic and ultimately Mesopotamian in origin...."
How ever much you want it...
The wonders of Mesopatamian messages could be witnessed in endless infights and wars.
His message and the most important: his DEED of salvation was HIS and had been anticipated and prepared by many cultures (Old-Persian, Greek, Indian, also part of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Sabean (Southern Arabia), Celtic ... short by all cultures with a spiritual core.

: They probably heard a lot of things that reminded them of their own experience and their own pre-Christian faith.

+++ They surely felt that had to ABANDON their old rotten pre-Christian faiths or to develop their more promising cultural components for an evolutionary upgrade to Christianity.

: The very name "Hebrew" is Aramaic and come from the root "Abar", which means "to cross over." It designates those who "crossed over" the Euphrates river.

+++ The root ''-B-R is common semitic and thus can also be found in many daughter languages of the proto-semitic language.
There is no mention of any river.
However much you want it.
The word designates the chracter and inner quality of a people, its mission which was "moving , crossing" as an expression of development, or going from old and obsolete forms to new, innovative and healthy ones.
Just as it is reflected in the mission of the Hebrews to break with the local deities, to coross over and to start a new evolution for all mankind.

: They were just Assyrians who are on the other side of the river, that's all.

+++ Not everything on the the other sider of the river was ethically and culturally Assyrian (Aramean, Hurrian, immigrants from the northern part, Elamite etc.etc.)
And surely is was not "Assyrian" or "Assyrian imperial territory" of the time of the formation of the Hebrew people of that time.

Awraham, Iskhaq, Yaqub all the way down to Meshikha - they were all Chaldeans.

+++ 1) Geographic origin doesn't mean descent. Check the bible genealogy for correction.
2) The Hebrews started a total new exclusive breed in order to avoid mixing with all Mesopotamian influences and to get rid off anything that blood lines had taken up and adopted by their temporary stay in Mesopotamia.

: What's wrong with Assyrians following an Chaldean prophet?

+++ As I said: You are selling it like sour beer because of a concocted ethnical affiliation not for its religious merits.
You betray Christianity in its substance.

-- andreas
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