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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 6:17PM :

In Reply to: My response...... posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 6:13PM :

+++ = Fred
> = my original text, the one he is responding to....

Fred's response...
>What idiocy did I say explain... Also, iran revolution(people in my family fought for it) were to oust US supported shah, they took him in To US as refuge.
+++That was Carter's doing...a pretty decent guy who, like most presidents, has very little control over events he barely understands and has to rely on "experts" for. The Shah was NOT given refuge by the US...he barely recovered from surgery they reluctantly performed before he was sent to Panama then Mexico. Carter felt some pangs for an old "ally", but government policy was moving on, and not with the Shah. I suppose the people of Iran arrested and tried Mossadeq too?
+++My uncle and his young son were part of the thousands of people flown to Washington by the Shah to show some support because he could see American policy was about to cut him loose...the crowds were attacked by "Iranian Freedom Fighters" who all wore hoods, as you would. At one point in the melee as my uncle tried to protect his son from a Freedom Fighter wielding a stick with nails pounded through... he pulled off the hood and saw a blond, blue-eyed college kid.
++++Where did Human Rights abuses go to when the Shah was removed? That was a "revolution" or a foreign supported coup? Grow up.

They couldnt stop revolution, and US is not as powerful as you think. You are fooled. Pancho can teach you some sense.
++They didn't WANT to stop any revolution...they brought it ON. What's the best way to disrupt OPEC, especially after the initial shock to Americans wears out? Put in place a fundamentalist nincompoop and encourage Saddam and Iran to fight the good holy war...sell to both the world you'll stand by and do nothing while that region is "threatened"...then jump all over Saddam when he believes you and marches into Kuwait because NOW that would destabilize the region.
The revolution in Iran was cooked up at Langley...same place support for the Shah was baked...just as the policy to use a Noreiga to run drugs for the CIA was also cooked up there, two doors down from where the plans to go in and get that "rogue" were hatched.
Do us all favor...all of you politicaL types we have...stay away from things you don't understand. The CIA can have its way with any of taking candy. Pat your pointy heads and you coo and cluck like pigeons.

-- Alexander
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