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Posted by Tiglath from ( on Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 0:14AM :

Dear Azhi,

I couldn't help but read your post on the Assyrian Forum. I must apologise for the rudeness of some of our people on that forum. I'd also like to extend to you an invitation to join other Assyrians on Fred Parhad's forum.
We consist of Assyrian dissidents who have been banned from the AINA forum for asking the very same questions you asked of them.
I look forward to seeing you at; where we'll be able to discuss these issues in an open, honest and critical manner.

Kindest regards,
David Chibo
P.S. I have attached a note from one of the main writers on the forum.

Open Letter To Delightful Kurdish Gentleman

I would hate for you to go away with a taste of aina in your mouth as your only brush with Assyrians and Chaldeans. I assure you there are others. Many of us over here have either been banned from posting there...and in one case were kept from even being able to see what was written there, or stay away for the very reasons you were driven away. These people may or may not be Assyrian. But they are assuredly Christians and their whole world-view of what an Assyrian MUST be, is wrapped in that religion.
There are those of us who feel that religion is religion...that anyone born anywhere can be of any religion and that should not affect their ethnic or national loyalties. We believe there are people of Assyrian, Chaldean, Hurrian, Babylonian, Mittanian, and several others ethnic strains...who are of all kinds of religion and in many cases of none at all. But that does not determine their ethnic identity and shouldn't affect their common sense either.
If you are interested and still desire an open dialogue with Assyrians of another sort, please feel welcome to post at our site and we can discuss these issues you raised...which are far more important and relevant to our continued people of the Middle East who have been singled out for demonizing by Western Powers so they may treat us all in any manner they wish.
Someday we will have to realize what they have been doing and we have been doing to ourselves...that god should not be an impediment...a device by which people are kept apart and fighting one another. The West has effectively used religion for far too long as a weapon we willingly turn into our own bellies. We have to get over these kinds of silly distinctions based on a person or a country's religion if we are ever to pull our resources together to present a more united front to these aggressors who are making mince-meat of us now and will continue to do so as long as we let them.

-- Tiglath
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