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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 10:18AM :

In Reply to: Stella posted by Julia from dhcp100056.res-hall.northwestern.edu ( on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 7:47PM :

: Jesus is the only way to God. I don't think
: that this kind of belief can lead to
: the mass killings of jews. While some Christians
: see Jesus as the only way to God, that doesn't
: mean Christians have the right to judge
: or condemn people or do anything brutal
: to them. What happened to jews was not
: a result of believing exclusively
: in salvation through jesus christ by faith
: alone. Judgment of anyone is in the hands
: of God, not christians.

****Julia, when you say somethinglike "Jesus is the only way to God" you're making a judgement right there. That comment creates a way of thinking that makes you believe that because you believe in him, you have the upper hand to others; or you feel that you're in favor with God while others haven't "gotten it" yet. THat's a judgement. Let me ask you this: why would God, who has created and is creating the cosmos with such detailed diversity, reveal himself through only one way? This is a loving God we're talking about. An exclusive path to God doesn't make any sense in a world that even back during the time of Jesus was diverse. If a Hindu gets the same feeling of loving belongingness by worshiping 350,000 gods, that you get from Jesus, how is their experience of the sacred more valid than yours?
As far as the Jews go, what I was saying was that Germany's perception of Christianity (and their approach to Christianity) sucked. Sure the country was Christian but it didn't mix it's religious values with the state's practices...Had they acted through the teachings of CHrist, I really don't think all those JEws and Poles would have been killed.

-- Stella
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