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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 8:01PM :

Jeff tells me they haven't raised enough money...that she is feeling worse.

This is ridiculous...I mean Jackie wasting all this money on a lawyer with the morals of a banana peel...who will only "win" for her more scorn and derision than anything else. I meant it when I said I would drop the whole campaign if she would send $25,000 to Lina instead of Shawn. What Shawn has there IS no cure for...if you missed it at birth and soon wont get it now at any price.

But Lina can be helped. It's obvious Jackie has the money to burn. I will even add an abject apology to her and Lincoln and the solemn promise to never mention either of them again.

She sits there, willing and capable of spending thousands on this nonsense, dragging Jeff into it as well...when all the time it will get her no satisfaction at all.

Let me promise her and Shawn this...if this plays out to the end, Jackie will have tied a can to her tail for the rest of her days. She has a chance to do the right thing, the noble spend a portion of what she has watsed already, to give Life instead.

Let's see what you're really made of Jackie. I was indeed damaged financially by what you did, yet I don't want a penny from you. Here you are, spending money on silly things when you could put it to much better use. I'd venture to say you've spent $25,000 already...I know that because I know how much nothing $4,000 bought.

I'll destroy the archives...I wont create an anonymouse site where others can take their digs at you, and I'll never cross your path again. Once again you can have what it is you say you want...without the embarrassment that a full hearing and trial will bring...especially when Lincoln gets handed MY subpenis. You'll get a good measure of good will from the community too...something you wont get much of if we continue.

What do you say...and DON'T send your errand boy again...I want to deal with you...or a mutual friend you will feel comfortable with.

It's a good situation all the way around don't you think?

-- panch
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