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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 8:39PM :

In Reply to: Lina Neesan posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 8:01PM :

Dear family, friends and strangers,

I am writing this letter to update you on Lina Nissan?s status. Currently Lina, her donor brother and mother are in Chicago awaiting the transplant desperately needed to save Lina.

Lina was given the latest cancer fighting drug available called Gleevec. She also had a series of tests done. In the first trial, the results came out negative and we thought that she was cured. However, when we did a final testing which cost us approximately $8000, with the University of Chicago Hospital, we were devastated to hear that she had not been cured but rather her condition had worsened. Her attending physicians have notified us that if Lina does not receive the transplant immediately, she will become too ill for the surgery and will die. As her physicians have told us, Lina has a very good chance of surviving this cancer if she gets the transplant. Her brother is an exact match, something that hardly ever happens.

We have come to you once again for your help. As you were there supporting us in the beginning, we pray and hope that you will do the same now. At 19, I too am a teenager and although I may not know much of this world yet, what I do know is that no child should be deprived of an education, of a dream, or of a chance at life. I do not believe in putting a price tag on a person?s life as I am sure neither do you. None of us will die if we donate even $100.00, or more, but with this $100.00 you can help save a child?s life.

I have been in contact with the hospitals here in Toronto and they have told me that the cost is $180,000 for the procedure. Currently we have raised $55,000 and are still in the process of raising more funds. It is not an impossible task to raise $180,000, it only takes time and Lina does not have time.

So please, I am asking you for your help. If you have any advice or know of charities, organizations, other communities, other hospitals that may do it for cheaper or for free, or neighbors and friends that may be of help, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, Nina. My number is 416-917-1982 or you can reach me by email at

Please spread the word and help give Lina a second chance at life.

Thank you,
Nina Nissan
(Saving Lina Committee)

And now something not from her web site:

I propose that we "yoink" one of Fred's sculptures, and raffle it off to raise money for Lina. This would, of course, be successful only in an area with a large population of "ours". Detroit, Chicago, or ... California.

I think that California would be the best choice. Somebody, go through the photo gallery and suggest which of Fred's sculptures you think people would like the most. Being a poor artist, of course he couldn't afford to donate it, but I will offer to pay (but don't tell the lawyers this...they think I'm a poor college student with 2 million to spare)... I will offer to pay for the casting myself of any of Fred's pieces so that it can be raffled off to raise money for Lina.

Say the piece is worth $6000 and it's cost to cast is $1500. We could sell 300 tickets at $100 a piece, and that's $30,000 for Lina. Is this a crazy idea, or do you think it could work?

-- Jeff
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