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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 8:56PM :

In Reply to: Re: Food posted by Julia from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 8:51PM :

: : >>>Hmm, i never thought chili-fry was a popular one. Chili fry with samooneh is great!

: Yeah my mom called it chili fry. My brother and i used to make fun of how we called it chili fry, but then someone told us it was coined to describe chilled foods (tomatoes, and meat, i guess) being fried. I don't know if that is the reason.

: : **** "Chil-fry" and "Chili-fry"... are they the same?

: : Chil-fry is a "stew", but it is not like "Chili" at all. I hope you aren't confusing the two.

: : Now, for a stupid question: What is samooneh?

: >>Samoon, or samooneh, this kind of bread that is puffy and round. it's not as dense as pita bread, so you can eat like a bag of samoon and not be full. i hear that if you go to the chaldean/assyrian/middle eastern part of detroit, they have the best samoon baked in like a hearth and like no other...! :)

++++++++++++ STELLA...
I have been wondering what Souzan from Abu Nawas told us about. Remember, at the restaurant, she said that in Detroit I had the best _____________? I think she said "Samooon"!!! Yes!

You know, Julia, one of these days I'll strap on 3 guns and a knife and go down to the "Chaldean" section of Detroit and purchase some Samoon. Now I know....

And I honestly don't know where "Chil-fry" originated... I mean the name. I have been told that it was some kind of a play off of English words (since at the time, Britain was in Iraq).

-- Jeff
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