August 7th

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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 8:30AM :

The upcoming martyr celebrations might also be the reason for banning me at aina. The populace is going to be worked up over Muslim crimes against us...this is no time for an even-handed approach. This is time to put war paint on and blame Evil in the world and in all of Christians never committed massacres.

I'm reminded of a comment about the Indian Wars in America...that anytime a bunch of Native Americans managed to kill any US Army soldiers backing up America's theft of their land and murder of their women and children, it was a "massacre". Whenever US soldiers rode through a village after enticing the men out to battle, slaughtering women and was a "victorty".

Native American men couldn't understand what sort of people would do that...murder children. That's why the soul was gutted from if they no longer wished to live in this new world order the Christians brought to America.

See...just the use of that word..."Christian" to describe the people who were Nazis or American soldiers or civilian shocking to us...appears to be an effort to insult Christianity by alligning it in any way with terrible things politicians and generals and mobs have done.

Our soldiers are refered to as "American soldiers". Soldiers from Islamic countries or of that faith are refered to as "Muslim soldiers". Right there, in the use of language, you see the prejudice and slander begin.

To point these things out, to try to explain the entire picture, gets you called a traitor and if to be fair or reasonable is to betray your Assyrian heritage.

-- panch
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