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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 9:01PM :

In Reply to: Re: The reason why i'm asking is because.. posted by julia from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 8:24PM :

: c.s. lewis said something like, you either see jesus as the son of god or a lunatic with a mind of a poached egg.

+++Parhad says you either stop raving about things you have no way of knowing about, or remain you.

: He's not in the middle. Since jesus clearly identified himself as god...he's either a lunatic or very God.

+++You're the lunatic to believe that there is anything "clear" about any of this. In Lewis and Chesterton you have good examples of an entire class of uptight and "brilliant" Brits who either couldn't handle playing with each other's wee wees at Cambridge...or playing with a female's wee woo. Either way they were so racked with guilt over nothing at all...nothing the priests weren't doing...that they launched a lifetime of asking "deep questions". Read just one more book...and think about it for a change...don't do a book report "by Thursday".

++++How would you like to have a gynocologist who could be classified by the AMA as either a "good doctor" or a Lunatic? Xactly!!!

: I believe he's God. He's certainly not just a nice guy walking down the road who was killed by the jews.

+++In the first...beetle brain, he wasn't killed by any Jews...he was killed by Romans. Give it a rest.

++++Jesus was a nice guy...his father was a Bloodsucking Beast of a father..and DON'T try to give me the headache by explaining how one is two unless it's three divided by five...that stuff only works on idiots to begin with.

It was all predetermined by the Holy God who wanted to save the world.

++++Oh for the love idiotic you sound. Like YOU know what the god who created the universe wanted, or did...when he chose only once speak to a bunch of pig farmers and shephards 2000 years ago...leaving us to figure out the hell he meant. Do you have any insight into the mind of the director for National Parks that you presume to know what GOD wants?? This isn't just gullible...this is stoopidly, criminaly ,infantile No wonder people can't solve the really "difficult" problems of life...and you still have to ask permission if you want to do "it" more than once a year.

++++Did I hear you right...he wanted to SAVE the world?? Why, what was wrong with it? Did they have child labor? Were there sweatshops in which young women have to fuck for overtime so we can have designer condoms? Did the priests back then sodomize children that GOD wanted to save the world? Were there wars? Was there injustice in the world???

+++Seems like it was a cruel joke played on Jesus, the poor fool, who would have believed a father like that when there was plenty of evidence already that this God wasn't safe to be left alone in the company of children.

+++You seem to know him so me a favor...tell him to stop saving us...go to another planet and save them. Leave me alone and lots of other people too. Just the fallout from his efforts to save you little dears, is having a devastating effect on the rest of us...and after listening to you and others like you ain't doing you much good either.

-- panch
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