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Posted by panch from pool0637.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 3:12PM :

I realize it must not be comforting to have someone challenge your belief in a heavenly, all powerful Deity who seems to take an especial interest in you...and favors you above all others...especially if it turns out that the only reason you were willing to committ all those sins in secret all those years was because you believed in the promise of all those goodies that were supposed to make the whole thing endurable....but it ain't my fault.

Not my fault you couldn't live your quasi-decent lives all on your own, without any divine intervention or favors...or a promise of a "reward" just for doing the right thing. I'm willing to do it...I'm willing to take my chances...find my own reasons for living...trusting to a hereafter I have nothing to say about, one way or the other. You guys want to convince yourselves...need to be comforted by believing some special seat is being kept for you...go ahead.

You'll all be welcome in any Heaven I go to...my god would be the understanding type...just like me. She wont care which way you cross yourselves or if you eat meat raw...she sure as hell isn't going to wish any kind of eternal hell on any of you. How come your god behaves just like you do...mean and spiteful? How come I have to join up now...like it was a sort of country club before I get any "benefits"?

My god will take you all in. If your's is worth anything...he'll take me in too. If not...I don't want to know him either.

-- panch
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