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Posted by Tony Zango from ( on Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 10:52PM :

In Reply to: Hysteria posted by panch from ( on Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 8:25PM :

The Misery and Devastation comes in many different forms. what Europeans/U.S. have done in the devastation and misery of the humanity is immeasurable.

Who is Blood Thirsty/Barbarian Ross? speak out Ross!!!

If its possible can you please add the following conflicts even though Europeans may not directly acted upon but their hands and tracks are all over it.

Indonesia/Timor that started in the 70's and ended few years ago. That war approved by Nixon/Kessinger-reason Gas/Oil
Reserve in Timor.

Cambodia conflict

Laos conflict

Africans conflicts

Lebanon conflict

South America/Central America conflicts






Misery/Devastation still persist and will continute for generations to come.

The only SOLUTION to combat this Misery/Devastation is SPEAKING OUT.

:I don't know history all that well...but then neither do most people, so what the hell...

: I remember people saying about the Arabs that the people of that region have been in continual warfare so, "what can you expect". I'd like to point out that the leaders of Israel are a lot more European than Middle Eastern and in spite of their semitic origins, have brought mostly European racism and fascism with them than anything "Jewish".

: Palestinians would "hate" Germans or Italians who stole their lands and murdered them in their sleep. They do not hate Jews just because they are Jews...who enjoyed greater security and freedom under Muslim rule than they ever did under Christian control...up to and including the recent Holocaust which saw them barely surviving Christian Western hatred and transplant themselves and all they learned and suffered as victims to an innocent people who accepted them initially...when they were the poor and despised victims of the same Western powers who then armed and used them to promote their own agenda...Levies anyone???

: Two centuries ago the Napoleonic Wars were just winding down after years of unimaginable slaughter...Christian against Christian. In the centuries before had been the Peasants War, the Thirty Years war, The War of The Spanish Succession, the Seven Year War, the Albigensian Cleansing...a bloody trail leading back to the Reformation and beyond when Christian murdered and raped Christian...often for the most obscure and trivial reason.

: During that time I don't know of any war declared against Christians or the West, or Europe or Jews by the Ottomans. In fact, Napoleon was the one who attacked the Mid East, in Egypt in part to offset the Brits who'd just stolen India.

: From 1800 on you have a number of wars in Europe, The Franco-Prussian for one...and the Russo-Japanese...not to mention the Brits attack on China, the Boxer Rebellion and the infamous Opium Wars. Who is killing whom in all those years?

: There was the American Revolution and the French Revolution just at the close of the 18th century...then came the American Civil War in which not only Christian killed Christian, but brother murderd brother and father. Then there was the Spanish American War... and the Crimean war and the English again fighting the Boer War. When and where were Muslims or Turks fighting wars in all these years? What Christian nations did they attack? It was the Europeans who coveted the Ottoman lands in Europe and created one pretext after another to seize them.

: Then of course came the two World Wars brought to us all by the Christian West again, during which they roamed the earth killing anyone they felt a need to. Then the Korean War, the French war in Vietnam and finally the American war in Vietnam. How many places and how many people we have had to kill to keep our "Christian Democracy" business going.

: And finally this new war on Terrorism bullshit...the Gulf war, the proxy war that Israel fights for the United States...the millions killed in Latin America by more of our client thugs. The United States used a fear of communism it infected its people with to steal zillions from they're set to cash in on our NEXT enemies...which they will make us glad to impoverish ourselves in order to buy "protection" from...and all this while, American working people can't afford health care, dental care for their children...decent schools...or much of anything else because we are spending it all on "protection". Like the preacher of old...the government brings the disease, then sells us the cure.

: People will not put up with this forever...history shows us that...and tyrants never know when enough is enough. The scary thing is that just as we have world wide robber barons now...we might also have a world wide reaction against them, The People are slow to be aroused...but if you once reach critical mass...god help us all.

-- Tony Zango
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