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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 0:46AM :

In Reply to: Re: Hysteria posted by Tony Zango from ( on Saturday, September 07, 2002 at 10:52PM :

Good points...and they tell us the people of "that" region are just plain bloody and always arguing and wanting to fight.

Can't get the image out of mind... of the little Palestinian girl peeking out from an empty window all gone...some string woven back and forth almost like on a loom...just to give a feeling of privacy...the look in her young deep, so dark, so much like my own daughter's. We are insane... we truly are. We make analysts and grief counselors available to our own children lest little Farnsworth should get his shorts twisted...meanwhile hundreds and thousands of children around the world are put to work for our little darlings, and suffer and suffer...and just because we get others to make them suffer, we say our hands are clean.

The German woman said it best..."The worst thing about Hitler, was that he made a murderer out of me."

In this country they actually have to think about it...have to think if a man who kills his own children, cuts their arms off and roasts and eats them, is really insane, or just "faking" it. You know a nation is nuts already when there isn't any way you can qualify as legally insane in it. "Insane? Hell no...what's wrong with him? He knew sucking his wife's eyeballs out of their sockets was knows right from wrong,,,he isn't crazy...he's normal to US"? And therein lies the rub...we're so goddamned whacko we think insanity is normal.

We wont escape this...not only the immediate fall-out...the ruined economy, the wartime boost...the increased hatred of us around the world...well, it will fuel more acts of "envy" thereby giving these idiots all the justification they need to fleece us some more. But the worst part will be the increased dehumaization of us all There is no such thing as brutalizing innocent people and going home to a nice supper with the wife and will show up in our relationships with adults, with our own children, in the schools.

Fascistic and barbarous forms of government and societies NEVER prosper...and when they think they are invincible...that's when their souls crack and there isn't a thing they can do about it then.

The true American, the one who loves this country...would insist that we begin being better neighbors...share the resources more equitably...and help preserve this fragile earth. These Cheneys and Ashcrofts and Bushes...they are the ones who threaten this country and hate it...not Saddam or Osama...not really. Every empire dies from within...every one.

-- panch
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