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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 8:14AM :

I think I could count Sankho's posts in the last two years on the fingers of two hands and half a foot. He comes back from Iraq and his hair catches on fire. Either he's quit I have...or he finds some new compelling reason to challenge. I think it's great.

I can't help but wondering though if Sankho is the new White Hope...that people are afraid I am misleading or misrepresenting the Assyrian nation in its they did at beth and aina..."Somebody at least TRY to shut him up." And it comes over the same issue...this thing about Christians having a lock on the Assyrian heritage.

Any number of idiocies go unchallenged on these forum thingies...but this question of Muslim and Christian Assyrians raises the hackles of some...and wakes others up...even giving them a sort of eloquence.

Why only attack this idiocy so passionately? certainly this isn't the dumbest thing anyone has said. Yet it caused Peter the Rabid to shut down discussion on the topic and remove the best tradition of the Turks...which is what most of these Assyrian Christians act like. Hanna too was hopping from foot to foot trying to move rivers and mountains downstream or across town...anything and everything to stave off this point...the ONE point that makes the most sense in all this "pure" nonsense.

Our Christian boys and girls are so offended at being lumped in with them A-rabs...though they are eager to be swallowed up by Christians...that they've invented the fiction that only they can be Assyrians. I bet your sweet arse that had Iraq been named Assyria instead...and said to be an "Arab" country...and this same logic about the "Assyrians" of modern day "Assyria" being Arabs...that you'd find a whole bunch of our Christians refusing to TALK A LOT about being Assyrian...but then, they wouldn't have a National Name and identity...because the nation of Assyria would be Muslim AND "Arab"...and they hate like hell being called what would they do...what would they be?

That's easy...they'd be what they are today...and have been...a minor Christian sub-sect with no national identity at all...not one they would recognize or want to if Iraq had been named Assyria. The fiction that they are the ONLY Assyrians...and that Iraq is Arabia, and that Iraq was stolen by Arabs from the rightful Assyrians...who didn't change at all when they changed gods (unless they changed to the WRONG god, one that came from Arabia instead of way of Urhai) them the notion that they have a country...that they are a nation...and that the world owes them justice and their own Christian enclave which they'll style Assyria...Christian Assyria.

I can understand perfectly why this strikes any sane person as nutso and bonkers. And if I didn't know what others think about it...I'd watch us and listen to us, I'd attend conventions where the greatest national patriotic group we have removes a 19 year old's painting from display because he used the "wrong color"...and I'd say to myself.."something is not right here". We have made ourselves crazy, infantile and just plain irrelevant by holding onto to these silly notions. The proof is in the pudding we've made of our minds.

-- pancho
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