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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 0:46AM :

In Reply to: ADM Vs. APP posted by Tiglath from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 11:10PM :

: Fred,

: During our stay in Iraq, I actually managed to ask Rabbie Yako about the Rabel Shmuel incident.

: He explained that;
: 1. The convention organisers were and continue to be financial sponsors of the ADM.
: 2. Out of what they thought was respect for Zowaa, they without telling him removed Rabel's painting.

+++Sorry, I don't believe that...I too was led to believe that several leaders of our are honest...I learned the hard way...doesn't mean I don't trust anyone...but I smell a rat far more readily now. If all that was true, someone could have apologized to Rabel...and then thrown himself off a does a grown man in his national Diapers even MAKE such an assinine decision...and to say it was over personal matter makes it even worse. You only prove my point...these are leaders? These are organizations that will behave very differently than the Baath? No sir...take their muzzles off and watch them jail and whip and beat and them. look what they did over a friggin painting...and if this reassures you...power to you.

: 3. He has a great love for art, and satire especially your toon; (

+++Is that supposed to mean anything? These guys all have a lot of love...where is it?

: And while he is against the censorship of art he also didn't want to offend his hosts who assumed they were serving ADM.

+++It is an offense to all of us to allow these kinds of things to persist. If these people were interested in our development and our status in the world, they would make a POINT of speaking out against these things and not say, "but our money comes from these people". You don't suppose that's exactly the situation Jackie and othjers tried to get me make the money the deciding factor? Leaders??? My arse.

++++ But okay, that's fine and dandy. had the painting of been of the Whacki Rabbi from Iraqi's rear end I could understand everyone's concern. But remove a painting because one half of a face was sad...and was painted in PURPLE? And that was supposed to be a slam of ZOWAA? Fuck ZOWAA and anyone else who says that censorship is an acceptable price to pay for a few bucks...remember Madeline Albright and what was okay by her. Where do these assholes get off deciding their money is more important than our artists? tell me what Rabi from 4000 years ago is enshrined...because he was getting paid? Then tell me what people all over the world see in Museums that takes their breathe away...what, Jackie's knit suit? No, my friend...they see Assyrian art, like Rabel's...and I've got news for ZOWAA...purple is an Assyrian color, and ZOWAA ia about as Assyrian as Jackie Bejan is.

Where in Ashur's name was the insult in using purple on that face...and if he appreciates satire then he should love the explanation that purple is "Zowas color".

These people are as bakwards and thugish as those they fact if Saddam isn't really an Assyrian I'll eat Jackie.

And while we're all being so friendly-like and almost human...ask him to explain how it was that someone from Iraq calls a friend of Jeff's in Detroit and tells him to tell me to apologize to Jackie, drop the suit, and they'll fix everything. I can't wait to repeat that story in court.

I appreciate your trying to fluff these guys up...I know, "they're the best we have". I'm sorry...I no longer buy that...these guys are the "best" we have because they make a concerted effort to chase the rest of us away...and in my case, when they can't do it honestly...they lie and cheat. If Narsai had stuck to his guns and made good on his resolve years ago to never get involved with our community...Jackie would be the "best" we have. Without me at the convention, the three pots of Menchavez were the "best" sculptures we had to show to Assyrians visiting from around the world.

This what these people have been doing for years...chasing away anyone who could challenge them or us to be really and truly the best we can be....usually the people who had several options available to them and opted to go where there were less barbarians...Assyrians or not. These people use "love" for Assyria as a hiding place...a cover for their stupidities...and it has ONLY worked because they've managed to chase the rest of us away.

I appreciate your efforts.

-- pancho
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