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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 1:25AM :

In Reply to: Re: ADM Vs. APP posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 0:46AM :

: : During our stay in Iraq, I actually managed to ask Rabbie Yako about the Rabel Shmuel incident.

: : He explained that;
: : 1. The convention organisers were and continue to be financial sponsors of the ADM.

+++Whoa...that's just wonderful. It would be instructive now to review the incorporation papers of the AANF...I am sure that nowhere in there does it state its purpose is to support political groups, gun toting ones no fact non-profit 501C3's are expressly forbidden from getting involved in politics...and in another country? And that country being Iraq?

As I recall you all made a point of being photographed holding rifles...alongside members of ZOWAA. This is how unbeilevably stupid we are.

Thank you Rabbi Whacki of have given me some ammunition.

You guys have to realize I'm up against two lawyers who are being paid by the Assyrian supporters of the AANF to prove I am a troublemaker and the rest of it. They all have their jobs...mine has been ruined. I have to take care of my family somehow...earn our bread, and find the time to wade through all the paperwork they send at me.

I'll do it...and I'll bend every fiber to showing these people for what they really are.

So, the AANF financially supports a political group called ZOWAA that among other things engages in rank censorship of the most STUPID type, to not offend their highnesses. And THESE sorts of thin skinned airheads are "our best hope"? Come on Tiglath...if you are serious about building a house you don't get hairdressers to do it. Are YOU serious about wanting to see us begin to get somewhere or do you too believe it's most important to be a cheerleader for these and other shmucks...just because they "love" Assyrians.

Besides just bringing it up in court...this warrants a complaint to the Secretary of State...and the IRS that watches over these groups to ensure they aren 't supplying aid to the IRA and others...just because they never heard of ZOWAA doesn't mean they wont.

I can now honestly claim that I can prove the leadership of the AANF financially supports politcal para/military groups in Iraq...that an agency started out to promote the Assyrian through cultural and educational and charitable gives money to one faction in a dispute in Iraq no less. Brilliant...oh ye Assrin WONDER I'm a troublemaker.

-- pancho
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