Was There A Resurrection?

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Posted by pancho from pool0269.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 10:25AM :

The argument that since people who claimed to have witnessed it were willing to pay the ultimate price for that belief...it "must have occured", doesn't hold holy water.

More people disbelieve in Christianity than believe it. After the last of the people who saw the resurrection died...everyone else had to take it on faith. But even at the time these witnesses were alive...most people rejected the story.

If more people refuse to believe, than believe...even long after there is no punishment meted out for NOT believing...would suggest that most people don't buy into that particular fantasy...a fantasy at the very core of whatever goodies Christianity is supposed to have brought us.

This could be at the core of why Christians have been hsitorically the most blood lusting people ever. They get mad when you don't believe. They're still that way. The War on Terror is also a War On Islam...on non-believers.

-- pancho
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