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Re: Ashtar the Jew, replies to me
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Wednesday, November 22 2006, 21:35:01 (CET)
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Re: no religion talk...
Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2006, at 8:43 pm
In Response To: Re: no religion talk... (Ashtar)

Ashtar wrote:
"I think you are a bit confused."
Look who's calling the kettle Black? No, dear, it is you who is confused because you are reciting creation myths that were taken nearly word for word from the Assyrian ones, but lack the basis for the original concept of a great and inspirational God, such as Alaha Ashur, which is why it all sounds like Hocus Pocus!

"Do you think that Assyrian is a religion?"

I KNEW you didn't know what Assyrianism was! Yes, oh enlightened one!!!! It is a religion/nationality/country all wrapped into one.

"First of all, just because I did not answer your absurd questions regardng proof about Biblical and/or historical evidence for things that occurred thousands of years ago does not qualify as a lack of any type of progression."

It most certainly and definitely PROVES beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have not progressed enough to be able to understand Assyrianism, much less answer my questions. You are not able to answer my questions because you CANNOT. You know I just got you! None of your theologians have been able to answer these questions, so I don't expect you to be able to either. Assyrianism happened thousands of years ago also, but Archaeology has been able to PROVE and FIND everything Assyrians said, by tablets upon thousands of tablets, but Archaeologists are still waiting to discover what the Jews said, such as where are the tablets that supposedly the 10 commandments were written on? Where are the bones of thousands of Jews who supposedly made an exodus out of Egypt? They waited in the desert for FORTY YEARS, and NOT one of them died during that time? In other words, you have not progressed, but regressed, because you haven't asked a single question to try to gain knowledge, instead, believing EVERYTHING you were told by ignorant priests who didn't read a book in their life, but ONE JEwish book..

"With regards to my remark about polytheistic and pagan times, I was referring to your constant allusion to Mesopotamian mythology (circa 4000 BC) that is irrelevent to the present discussion regarding religion."

ALL religions of the Middle East were formed on the foundation of the Assyrian religion, so if the Assyrian religion is IRRELEVANT, as you are eluding, then ALL of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is IRERELEVANT. Ask your Patriarchs why is the story of Jesus' death and resurrection IDENTICAL to the death of Shamirum's son, Barno? Hundreds of years BEFORE Jesus was even born, Queen Shamirum's son dies and is buried in a White cloth. They seal his grave with a huge rock like Jesus. Three days later they come to pray and find the huge stone removed and he is risen and RESURRECTED. HOW is that ANY different from the story of Jesus' death and resurrection? Can YOU or your priests answer that question, at least? Why is Jesus' resurrection story real, and the story of Shamirum's son not real? What makes jesus a messiah and not Barno? You see what I mean? They are ALL myths, but you prefer to believe in the Jewish myth, so you are a hypocrite and a Judas to your Assyrian people!

"They Never believed in one God" was another incorrect remark that you made regarding the Jewish people."

You just proved your ignorance of your own Bible. In many references to man's creation and language, the Bible uses the plural word for God. The "Elohim" are the creaters of man, and Elohim in Hebrew means GODS, not God. Not only does it say "Let US create man in our image", but it also says "Let US go down and confound their language". I just proved you neither have any knowledge about your own Christianity, but your own Assyrianism, as well, which means you are neither a REAL Christian, nor a REAL Assyrian! Just a wanna-be of both!

" What was significant about the Chosen People was that they did in fact believe in one God."

And there you have it folks: This is how you were brainwashed to DUMP Alaha Ashur and believe in Yahwe, because the Jews TOLD you that they were the CHOSEN people. NO DECENT GOD WOULD EVER CHOSE ONE PEOPLE OVER ANOTHER, that's how you know for SURE, they are liers, and ALL of their books are lies, exaggerations, myths, and ALL of their religious concepts were plagerized from the Assyrian versions. Who is living in myths, you or I?

" When you are attempting to make a point by citing Biblical verses, at least present us with the entire selection."

Read the ENTIRE Genesis, as PROOF for what I am saying. Unlike YOU, I am NOT selecting a verse I prefer, and omitting what I don't like!

" The part that you omitted from your weak rebuttal was as follows: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27)."

Is that all the Genesis you know? What about the rest of it? You didn't bother reading the rest of it, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE WHAT IT SAYS. It confused you and contradicts EVERYTHING you were told, doesn't it? READ ALL of Genesis, not just the parts that you are comfortable with! What have you got to lose? Your illusions?

"I have no intentions of replying to any further questions."

Of course you don't! Because you CANNOT. You know NOT what you are talking about, that's why. But if you were a REAL Assyrian, you would bother and at least ATTEMPT to learn SOMETHING about your heritage, before you dump it for the Jewish one.

"You obviously have much animosity for the world before you, which you must stop at some point to appreciate."

YOU are intellectually dishonest or you would admit that I have more love and appreciation for this world than ALL of you put together. I love and appreciate this world, and EVERYTHING in it, that's why I want to be HERE, not on some cold cloud! Whereas you can't WAIT for a messiah to come and rescue you and end your misery on this earth, by taking you to a cloudy heaven! You are not even honest with yourself, how can you be honest with me?

"Please put your books away."

Spoken like a true FAKE Christian! Christians have no knowledge, nor do they allow anyone to read other books lest people gain knowledge and open their eyes and become wise.

"We have all taken mythology classes"

If you had taken ANY mythology classes, you would have recognized that the stories of Jesus are IDENTICAL to the Assyrian ones, the Egyptian ones, the Hindu ones, the Buddhist ones, and most of them came hundreds of years before Jesus. Get it? The same with the stories of Moses, which are identical to Sargon the I, and some of the Egyptian pharoahs.

"and you are certainly not educating me."

You won't let me. You are putting up resistance, because you don't want to KNOW the truth. You are not ready for the truth, and God forbid that you would want to learn SOMETHING about your own history and religion before you dump them for a Jewish one!


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