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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Monday, November 13 2006, 23:29:45 (CET)
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Why do you think Ehud Olmert is in Washington as we speak?

To validate Bush's policies in the Middle East, and to project to the world FEAR and LOATHING towards Iran. He appeared on television with Bush this morning for one reason ONLY: To make Iran the next US/ISRAELI target.

You would think the average American can by now see through this US/ISRAELI terror-pact which is a deliberate design to demonize the Muslim Mid East and to systematically eradicate all those who stand in their way of achieving their goal, which is to control the Mid East and its oil.

The irony is that the Saudis have become Bush's puppets, and working against their own Mid East brothers and sisters, not realizing this alliance they have made is going to come back and haunt them!


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