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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, November 14 2006, 21:51:11 (CET)
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Importing HATE seems to be a Christian trait. The Europeans do it, the Americans do it, the Assyrians do it, and they all have ONE thing in common: Christianity!

The Koran names the virgin mother 6 times, and Christ 12 times. They revere both, and even name their children Issa and Maryam. But just mention the name Mohammed and the Christians start to convulse and turn blue.

Who is the hateful one?

When I went to Baghdad in 2001, I took money that was donated by the Assyrians to the St. Mary Church in Karrada D'Maryam. HEllo, it was named after the Virgin Mary!!! NOT ONE Assyrian did I see inside or outside the church other than the Assyrian woman who was the care taker. The church was full of Muslim women wearing abbaya and praying to the virgin mother. The church yard was full of Muslim men waiting for their wives.

Who is the hateful one?


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