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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 15:03:10 (UTC)
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I have a lot of respect for Rachel Maddow as she walks the tightrope between her conscience...and corporate networks.

But no one is perfect...Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens fall on their faces regularly, so why not Maddow? Actually the only one who seems to hold constant is George Galloway.

Anyway Rachel took time out to rake Iran's government over the coals for their observation that the "new" logo for the upcoming London Olympics really says "ZION" and not "2012"....the logo is a jumble of block letters, or numbers, which, if you squint, do seem to spell out "2012", the date of the summer Olympics. But, this being the age of modern art, the same squinty eye does indeed show "ZION"...which tells you what you need to know about modern, did Michaelangelo know he carved Venus when he thought it was Moses, or both?

In fairness she claimed that Iran's government did this as a way to distract the world from the fact that both opposition leaders and their wives have been, why would they care to "distract" anyone in the West? When have they cared what the West thought or said about them? Surely they knew this Zion thing would just heap more ridicule on them from the West?

But onto the bigger point which is that Iranians, and Muslims in general, supposedly have a silly "thing" about Zionism...even it's appearance through squinty a plot to take over the world or whatever. If we needed reminding, what Ahmadinejad said was not that Muslims wished to see JEWS wiped off the face of the earth, but Zionism wiped out...which is no different from the number of times Americans said they wanted to kill Communism and did NOT mean they wanted to wipe out all Russians, or even Vietnamese.

Zionism, as a political movement, is seen by Muslims as a racist cover for wiping out Palestinians who resist moving "voluntarily", by which I mean by being driven out by Zionists. Clearing Israel and Gaza and anywhere else of Arabs is the whole point of Zionism because otherwise, as a so-called democracy, they could be out-populated by Arabs one they have to go. This is what Muslims are responding to when they say Zionism is their mortal enemy...not Israel and certainly not democracy...but a political party which seeks to destroy THEM...and we've seen enough evidence of that and very little of any actual moves to wipe out fact the ONLY people who have ever tried to wipe Jews out are the same ones now madly in love with the idea of saving who really has been out for the Jews? Muslims or Christians?

I would have expected Maddow to see things from the perspective of the other side...I mean we all know neo-cons and Christians root madly for their team no matter what crimes are committed...but I expected more from Maddow...I expected her to say that given Israel/America's actions, Muslims have EVERY reason to fear Europeans had every reason to fear Hitler.

Who now would make fun of the first Jews to have said, "this Hitler is something different, something to watch out for"? That's all Muslims are doing with regard to Zionism.....and they've been saying it for some time now and they aren't the only ones.

Would Maddow have made fun of Jews in the 1930s for seeing an enemy in Hitler...or in thinking that Goebbels was subtly aiming things their way?


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