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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 2:13:36 (CET)
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Website title: his eagerness to prove others don't know what they are talking about Aprim reveals he doesn't know what he's talking his books reveal.

"As a Moderator

As one of the two moderators of the Beth Suryoyo Forum, I have the responsibility to protect common individuals from false accusations, slander, etc.

...if you know the facts of the case.

While public figures are subject to criticism, the laws of the United States protect ordinary citizens from slander.

...everyone is protected from slander. The bar is much higher for people in the public eye...but you can't slander them either.

One cannot just call another person a Ba'athi agent in this country;

..of course you can. I'll show you. "Fred Aprim is a Baathi agent". See? I dare you to be as stupid as you can be and sue me for this...go on.

this is not the Middle East where people are crucified before facing a fair trail and convicted. little you know of American history...or Assyrian history...or any history for that matter.

In this country one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. I am not sure if those few individuals from camp (A) understand the meaning of the word slander.

...I don't know about them but you're one camper who doesn't.

I wonder if those two or three individuals in camp (A) understand the possible legal ramification of accusing an ordinary Assyrian falsely and maliciously trying to injure his reputation.

...there are none. A supposedly ruined Reputation alone is no basis for a lawsuit. One has to show actual damages, I mean real ones and not "insults", in order to have a legitimate claim.

If a person in camp (A) called another from camp (B) a "Ba'athi agent" then that is slander, which might be subjected to prosecution; is not you Baathia agent. Sue me.

however, if the person in camp (B) who is being labeled as a Ba'athi agent called anyone "not bright" then that is not slander.

...that was very bright of you.

Calling anyone "not bright" is not a crime. Therefore, deleting posts that contained slander and keeping one that called someone "not bright" was neither strange nor bias."'re such a screwball. Sue me.


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