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=> Deniz does not equal 700,000 Iraqi babies

Deniz does not equal 700,000 Iraqi babies
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 24 2007, 6:51:13 (CET)
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They're crying agin. I mean Christians. Pointing to the murder of Deniz they speculate that a Turk did it, angered by Deniz's work on alleged Turkish atrocities during the First World War. To them this is proof that Islam is "violent" and "taking over"...soon to come for YOU!

As usual, they accuse others of doing, even in one murder, what in reality they are guilty of, by the hundreds of thousands of murders, of babies too.

If one Muslim assassin killed Deniz for his political views...who are the hundreds of thousands of Christians assassins the United States has spent three trillon dollars to pay for them to kill Iraqis by the hundreds of thousands for THEIR "politics"?

Aside from the 190,000 US soldiers, never mind the others...what about the 130,000 Blackwater mercenaries who've had complete immunity till recently to kill whoever they want for whatever reason they feell like?

That's a total of 320,000 Christians with a budget, so far, of trillions of dollars who've had a free hand in Iraq for five years to kill as they please...and I'm supposed to be SHOCKED that ONE Christian was killed by a(horrors!!)Muslim?

Either it's ALL a tragedy or NONE of it is. And if they think to trick us into wailing for ONE of them, while hundreds of thousands of our Muslim brothers and sisters brutally murdered for no reason are ignored...they have another thing coming.

Their message is; even one Christian is worth more than one million Muslims...they said all this about the Jews too when it was their turn to be killed for their religion.
by Christians
give me a break.


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