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Fake News tango....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, February 11 2017, 1:18:20 (UTC)
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Website title: this latest you can see how FOX and conservatives turn what is to their disadvantage to an advantage by accusing the other side of what they are being accused of...and most of all, what they actually have DONE.

FOX is the very definition of fake news and has been since it started...conservatives, bashing Obama because he was a supposed liberal and socialist also had no evidence, they just said it over and over and that was enough...delightful to watch them squirm now that Repubs are terrified of losing their Obamacare.....

Trump uses "fake news" accusations every time he can...whereas those really concerned with this phenomenon use it sparingly and only when discussing actual fake news, they can yelling it every time Trumpsters hope we'll come to believe that the last person to issue fake news is Trump...and THAT is fake.


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