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Michelle and the Right Racists
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 13 2015, 14:50:49 (UTC)
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...the Right is blasting Michelle for speaking the plain truth about her, and every other Black American's experience with a commencement speech at Tuskegee she spoke about every Blacks' experience with white people...their suspicions, their fears, their immediate response to "color" first and then, maybe, the person and so forth....and Right media sprung into action saying she played the "Race Card"'s like a woman speaking of her constant fears of being raped and the Right responding with "She played the Rape Card"....whatever truth these whites don;t want to hear is a Card to them...something to be "played".

This is how they hope to maintain the pretense that there is no longer any racism....because any time you point out instances of racism, they claim YOU made it up...of course racism is alive and well in America...the Right is living proof of that.

This is a delightful time to watch Uncle Toms who work for the white man squirm, or try not to, as they "report the news", where Blacks are involved.

...the answer to "how much shit can an Uncle Tom eat" is provided by "How much shit have they been fed before and learned to swallow"? And for that you can thank the same white man who now puts them to work at a very good and "white" salary, to eat shit in public.....after a lifetime of swallowing, some things go down easy...especially when greased by a lot of money.


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