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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 19 2011, 23:56:59 (UTC)
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I have had it with this Harris guy. He was at it again about how dangerous Muslims and Islam is. Someone in the audience got up and told him about the innocent Muslim civilians who were killed in the Sudanese medicine plant and Harris justified it by saying the intention was to kill al qaeda and not civilians. Now I ask this asshole what he has to say about the sanctions against Iraq. Were al qaeda fighters targeted by the sanctions against Iraq or was it civilians? Over a million and half children died and many adults as well, yet he has nothing to say about that. Another million Iraqis have died since this current war began and another 2 million have become permanent refugees but no word on that.

It's easy to see that Sam Harris isn't logic and does not mind murder and wars. He just hates Islam for the same reason that the rest of his bigoted friends do and that's because racism. The US is killing millions before our eyes while they are quiet about it but we told about how bad Islam is. Even If I agree for one time in my life that Muslims committed 9/11, 3,000 died on that day while America has killed millions before and after.


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