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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 28 2017, 6:31:39 (UTC)
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What's more absurd about it is that this is coming from Maher of all people. He's become very right wing in recent years and I don't get how they don't see the actual issue. If the entire Muslim world was in agreement with Isis, we could say it's the fault of Islam and Muslims. Europeans murdered one another by the millions and it was only after the church lost power that things became good.

Isis is only a tiny piece of Muslims and don't represent everyone. Isis and other groups only appeared after the US hegemony and turmoil in the region. The countries that these extremist exist in were the same lands that were "liberated" by the US. Syria and Iraq were secular with socialist systems and now these places are dominated by radical Muslims which have ties with the West.

If Muslims want sharia law bullshit so badly then let them be stupid and backward. I just don't understand why a Maher can't understand that there are bad Muslims just as there are in other religions. Islam don't make people violent because people are capable of that on their own.

When the US was plotting the Afghan-Soviet war, it was actively recruiting Muslims and it was mainly the, poor, uneducated and unemployed who responded and joined. If Muslims are just this way because of religion, why aren't there more or all Muslims violent? Why is it only a few and most have some ties with the US. Why can't the West find real Muslims to harm them instead of using entrapment tactics? Perhaps Maher can explain.


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