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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 8:06:11 (UTC)
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There is a difference between reading history and reading the Bible. That side of the Assyrians you mention comes from the Bible(I rather read porn magazines) but there is another side. If the Assyrians captured Egypt which was powerful too, they could have taken Jerusalem even easier if they had such desire. In the mind of Jews, Christians, Muslims and all who believe in Santa, Jerusalem is somehow sacred and impossible to take but many others were able to easily take it. I don't see anything special about Jerusalem or any of that area. You gotta remember these people(religious such as Muslims, Jews etc) believe in fly donkeys and everyhing else that is silly to even a child. What's more sad about it is that some of those who believe in these ridiculous ideas have degrees yet still can't think straight.


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