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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 10 2014, 23:08:31 (UTC)
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...what's funny is that every crime, every religious crime too, every barbarism they now hurl at people less "advanced" than they are, they too were guilty of just a few centuries ago....instead of seeing it as relative and depending on human evolution, they forget their own barbarous past (and not that long ago either) and pretend they were created as they are now...forgetting the long painful, brutal and bloody march it took them to get "civilized"...other people and cultures are not allowed that same chance, instead they must instantly become "Americanized", understandable to US.

No one can ever accuse Islam of causing two world wars or murdering people (Jews) JUST for their religion...and these crimes against the world and humanity weren't committed in the Dar Ages or 700 years ago...these Western Christian crimes all happened ONE CENTURY AGO! And THESE people want to lecture others and wag their fingers....and roll their eyes!

Look what the people of the world suffered at the hands of these Christians for the last century and then tell us that Islam is a "threat"! It isn't even a competitor.


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