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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Friday, December 28 2007, 4:30:03 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>...our people make a show now of saying "no religion"..meaning they want to keep religion out of discussions and just talk "politics"....they are, of course, lying. It's all religion all the time. They've just decided it's finally time to pull back on Jesus, take him off the front line and discuss "politics" from religion.
>Just watched a talk show in which a fellow who came across as political, never mentioning Jesus once, revealed himself when discussing Michael Moore's film, "9/11". He was supposedly extolling freedoms in America a country where a film, such as 9/11, which shows such "hatred"(his exact word) for America, can nonethless be shown...what a great country!
>Only religious conservatives react to honest criticiasm as "hatred" of them and their religion. They don't believe in honest difference of opinion..or pluralism in which you allow people their beliefs without demonizing them...they don't believe in a "Loyal Opposition"...because they see everything through a religious filter and in religion you can't disagree or be critical without being accused of "hating".
>Moore's movie has no "hate" for America. It can easily be shown that Bush is the one who hates America, Americans and the American Constitution. Moore simply provides ONE voice which runs counter to the scream-fest Conservatives have been sending our way over OUR air waves for years now.
>Just that lone voice of dissent becomes, to them, hatred. They may never mention religion again...ever, not in 1000 years, but you'll always know exactly what they are, what their true values are, what their agenda is, when they call dissent "Hatred". That's because hatred is what consumes THEM! hatred is their true that, as they always do, they try to distract us from seeing the truth of what they represent by accusing us, putting US on the defensive, defending our I've just done.
>In the coming decades the neo-conservatives will backpeddle their religious views. They can afford to do that because the secret code has been widely disseminated throughout the world and nation. from now on they'll talk only about "politics"...but it isn't really politics at's a cover for their fanatical extremism. You'll know it too by how often they accuse anyone who works to be be be balanced...and to unveil charades and pious frauds...they will say the person is fueled by "hatred". They'll praise America for tolerating HATRED...they'll praise themselves for FORGIVING "hatred"...trying to make themselves seem all godly and Jesus-like. But it's a's more fraud and pious cant. They are defining, as hatred, honest dissent...they are smearing "dissent" and "criticism" the same way they did "liberal". This time, hopefully, we'll see it coming and stop them in their tracks by refusing to pat them and praise them for "forgiving our hatred"...reminding them that there is no hatred in criticism, or a different point of view...or pluralism..or "live and let live"...that these are acts of LOVE and TOLERANCE and fair-play and REAL freedom.
>Fuck their "forgiveness"....I'll settle for the Constitution any day.

The founding fathers ones said "the rights given by the constitution can not be taken and they are the God given rights to all humans on earth". Today the constitution is being ignored and Americans are loosing their rights a freedom every day while Bush thinks he has convinced the American people that this "war on terror" is being fought because these "jihadists" are "jealous of our freedoms". What freedoms? Weren't these same people who are suddenly so jealous of the American freedom fighting against the communists in Afghanistan for freedom? Why would anyone besides people like Bush not want freedom? We were all born free and no right minded persons objects to freedom. These poor people are so confused. As we have indicated on here all along, just give them enough rope and they hang themselves. Why was Jesus(pbuh) crucified and they say for love and mercy. As you just finished saying, both of those things existed already before Jesus. Ask them why the "war on terror" and they answer they are "jealous" of our freedom.

They don't deceive anyone except themselves but they don't know how foolish they are.


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