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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 9:20:22 (UTC)
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and they wonder why people hate America. It ain't because you're "free" nor are they jealous or just hate because you're an American but they hate your country because what it does. Of course most Americans are ignorant and have no clue what their government does around the world and against darker people mostly, but I believe they most wouldn't care anyways even if they did know because most Americans are racist, bigoted and arrogant. It is a global White thing to feel superior to others and Americans have put Nazis and Europeans to shame with that. Europeans have culture, class and are educated at least but these motherfuckers are narrow minded and have never left their state or traveled very far. Americans are hated around the world just like Christians are and it isn't because of who they are or what they believe in, but it is because of what they do.

Create your own enemy and then say "they wanna kill us". I am in full agreement with NOI(nation of Islam) philosophy when it comes to White man being the devil. They don't of course mean every White man nor is it because of color but because of their actions. The most evil and wicked people ever seen in history are White and Americans have taken over in such short period of time and are the leaders on the list. Nobody can touch White people when it comes to their version of racism or discrimination, and we are talking about simple things like drinking from same fountain or using the same toilet. Who can come close to that? The US has basically declared a Jihad against non-Whites around the world and at home.


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