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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 1:59:37 (CET)
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So I have to give much thanks to Pancho for running such forum where a person has true free speech. Why don't the giants of Assyria come on here and make their comments? I guess there is no deleting or being buddy buddy with the moderator who will save their ass everytime they are about to hang themselves. I am begining to see more coming out and challenging and that is a good thing. Change doesen't just occur over night but it's improving. There are more people coming out and debating the strategies and actions of the giants of assyria. So my brother Pancho, I have to thank you again for allowing such freedom on here and allowing anyone to come even though they ban themselves for good reasons. Jazak Allah khayr and keep up the battle, InshaAllah.


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