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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, June 23 2011, 22:12:47 (UTC)
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I know and I don't think it will. Americans are getting a hard on because they think Cuba is changing but in reality it's only using the money made from Americans to further build up the island. It seems to be in good shape even after Castro and I found out that Cubans actually go on vacations to Europe and other parts of the world. It's not like they are ignorant and isolated. Cubans know history and know how life in America is. They don't want part of that. They'll take that money through tourism etc but won't adopt capitalism. When Fidel made a surprise appearance recently, the people were crying out of love for him. Unlike the Iraqis who were dancing in the streets as the blue eyed soldiers are fucking and raping Iraqi girls, Cubans are loyal for the most parts. Those assholes in Florida are descendants of those few that lived well in Cuba before Castro. It is always those kinds who cry and complain and they have good reason to do so since they were among the minority which had it good while the rest had no electricity, plumbing and other basic needs.

You find them in Iraq, Iran, Libya etc. They are pissed because they can no longer exploit the majority and get rich off of the backs and labors of others. I see Cuba as a miracle and it's amazing how a tiny island has giants looking up to it and admiring it. I love that country so much and more than my own. North Korea is another one which we are told all kinds of lies about and how people have no human rights. It's always absurd when Americans mention human rights as if they have some. What freedom do Americans have that others don't? The freedom to be homeless or freedom to lose your house because of financial issues. What the fuck is their definition of human rights and freedom. This what they don't answer.

I tell the fucks I work with how life was in Iraq prior to 1991, and they think I am lying. They think Iraqi women all had to wear them long black dresses with head scarfs. The have no fucking clue how Iraqi women dressed and how good they had it, Universities were full of women and even those least educated Iraqis could usually carry a conversation in English. America could never make Iraq better and America has no history in making other countries better. Whenever the White man has gone to another country, things usually get worse. Algeria had a higher literacy rate than the UK before the French came. Libya now has a better standard of living than even many western countries while it used to be the worse country in Africa.

America hates socialism and this is why Yugoslavia was destroyed. It wasn't about no fucking Muslim women being raped or anything like that. It was about destroying a country which as unified and had a decent standard of living. Yugoslavia, like all socialistic nations, had guaranteed employment for all, free education, health care, daycare and many other services. All employees were entitled to one month paid vacation every year. There was every reason to go after this country because it was a problem for the capitalists. Those silly states that were created after the war are horrible now and have homeless people, poor people, rich people and everything else. America has never made life better for its own citizens so why would it help others or make life better for darker people.

There is a reason why America has investments in "poor" countries and there is a reason why those countries have it bad. They wouldn't be poor if it wasn't for America, Britain etc.


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