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Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Friday, September 24 2010, 21:44:26 (UTC)
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Website title: can always do that....but the penalty if you fail is not "genocide" or "mass murder"´s called meeted out by scared governments who try to restablize their lands...every country on earth has done it and would do´re only ahero if your rebellion´re hanged as a traitor if you fail...everyone understands this.

So you’re saying that if the rebels succeed, then they have done the right thing, but if they failed, then they have committed sedition and therefore they must be justly punished?

Aside from the Levies, what if the rebels had a just cause, or a legitimate claim? What if they were revolting against an unjust regime?

Was Saddam justified in gassing the Kurds and the Shia?

and, again, assyrians went to work for the occupiers and ex-patriot assyrians joined the attacking armies in a completely illegal war.

The majority of those who joined and worked for the “occupiers” were not Christians.

...they don´t have to be. One is enough...under extremem conditions such as Iraq has been subjected to. There wasn´t a single Iraqi among the 19 who flew into those buildings...yet millions have been made to suffer for it.

I don't get it. Why is it not ok for a Christian to work for the Americans while many Muslims are doing it?


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