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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 15 2011, 10:23:08 (UTC)
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..for that last 20 years at least we've seen Christianity run rampant, knocking on our doors, accosting us in parking lots with "Jesus Loves You" it meant something...they've wangled their way into politics to the point where they're taking our tax dollars for their fucking garage-madrassahs which will turn out thousands of religious fanatics in a few years...they've engaged in murder of abortion providers, they demonstrate at soldier's funerals saying God loves dead short, while attacking civil society themselves they've wept and yelped that we are attacking By simply wanting them off our backs and out of our faces.....Because Jesus said "Go ye and annoy people in my name".

...and what is the end result? After all these years, a time when we held our tongues out of "respect" and a sense of decency Christians don't understand, we've had enough and are now, finally and actually PISSED and not afraid to say so...and you know what? Now they made it come wasn't our idea but they pushed and pushed and wouldn't stop until now people feel empowered to say Fuck your God and yes, we WILL fight you! Because you aren't a religion, isn't Islam that's supposedly really only a political party, it's Christianity!

In order words THEY made it happen, they made it come true, they made us take off the gloves and push back...and you know what else? NOW they've got their proof, NOW they can honestly say there is war against Christianity!

And now, they're going to cry and weep and tell us all over again that we don't LIKE them or their Jesus. This is what they've always done...through their ACTIONS they have brought down the justifiable wrath of people on their heads, and then turned around and said "you hate Jesus and reject his message of Love", we never gave Jesus any thought, and if we did we didn't much care what his message was never what Christianity believed but what you fucking Christians have DONE, in the name of that belief and hiding behind is always what they DO and was never about what they believe...and they KNOW that...they know the beliefs of Jesus don't provoke anything but yawns of boredom or polite they beat us over the head with those beliefs until we fight back and then cry that their BELIEFS are being attacked,.....fuck your beliefs and your Jesus, just get the fuck OFF MY PORCH!


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