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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, December 8 2010, 22:52:40 (UTC)
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There are many similar stories in Greek, Hindu and other traditiosn which are rejected and called "myths" so why are the Jesus stories not mythical? We are to believe that the there was complete daylight for a long period of time according to the Bible which exists nowhere else but stories of the Greeks are mythical. What makes the Biblical silly claims so real while the others are all myths? I think because man has determined what is true and what is not. The supposed miracle birth of Jesus in the Bible is identical to other stories which predate Christianity yet they are all "myths" while Jesus is supposed to be real but there is very little proof for Jesus and the Bible is the only source for Jesus until the Quran mentions him again 600 years later. Philo and many other historians never mention a Jesus at all. There is more mention of a James the Just, who is supposed to be a relative of Jesus and is recognized as the leader of the movement. Even Paul, the liar, acknowledges him and had to answer to him. In fact, it was said by the Jesus movement that Paul and "Salinas" who murders James is the same person.

Salinas changed his name and we know Paul was called "Saul" before his "conversion". Salinas and Saul are probably the same and I would change my name too if I just killed the leader of the Jesus movement. Christians like us to believe that the dispute between Jesus followers and Paul was only one over circumcision but there was more. They accused him of preaching a totally different religion and we know he was because he turned Jesus into god and this would have been a huge contradiction to the belies of the early Christians, if that's what we even want to call them. The surviving texts of the early Jesus followers are totally different from the Biblical writings and we almost have two complete different Jesus'. I believe that the Abrahamic stories are just as mythical as the Greeks and others. What makes the story of Noha so much realer than the epic of Gilgamesh? The basket story of Moses is identical to that of Sargon except that Moses didn't have sex with his own mother but the rest is identical.

Why are the Biblical ones real while the rest are fake?


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