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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, July 17 2013, 18:45:10 (UTC)
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That's very true and I have seen some of that in person. What makes it more sad to me is how many Mexicans and other Hispanics have black skin themselves, especially the ones with Indian blood. I have also seen this kind of racism from east Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, and many others who have darker to black skin. Some of the Iraqis I have met from the south have damn near black skin and many of them lived and grew up with black Iraqis, yet they're racist as soon as they move to the US. I always remind all these racist dark foreigners that it is because of black people that they can come here, succeed, open businesses, mosques, temples, etc. None of these things would be tolerated by white Americans. This is no doubt a divide and conquer game or else all of the colored people would be too much to handle for racist whites. As for me personally, I can go to a black neighborhood and nobody ever questions me or follows me like Zimmerman does. I have felt this kind of behavior only with white people. Even my own sister who thinks she's white tells me that she would assume I'm a drug dealer too if she didn't know me. That's because of the stereotype that she has bought into. We can't wear hoodies or certain clothing without looking suspicious.


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