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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, December 30 2012, 4:59:46 (UTC)
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Whenever they say "we one" or "only for you my friend", that's a red flag automatically because it basically means you gonna get fucked hard. I once worked for an Assyrian, a relative of mine to be exact, and I was fresh out of high school so didn't know what I was getting into. For over a month half I received no pay. He noticed I was shy to start asking and just took advantage. I even heard them telling people who asked about me that I was in "training" which basically means no pay. It got so bad to the point where I got frustrated as I could do anything, buy cigarettes or go out on weekends. So finally I was invited to a wedding and I used that as an excuse to get money so I could buy clothes and give some money to that bride and groom(I should have given them urine and kha erra khleema). Anyway, when I asked for some money, he said "I'm not running away, we are family" and I said yeah I know but I need it so he gave me 150 dollars. After over three months of work, 17 hour shifts and six/seven days a week, I was paid less than a thousand dollars. And that came in small portions too.

I learned my lesson and never again. While I was there, I had a Lebanese Muslim begging me to come work for him and he was paying his employee more than any Assyrian was. I learned my lesson then and will never deal with Assyrians. Almost everyone of them I have met was an asshole and a jerk. Others just act nice in front of you. The things they say about others never stops amazing me yet act so nice to your face. Hate Muslims, insult them and wish bad things on them(such as earthquakes) but laugh with them and offer fake condolences. When I was a kid, I had my bible laying on the floor, and my Turkish Muslim friend in Berlin told me to pick it up. I have never ever seen a Muslim behave this badly toward me or any Christian. Of course you got some jerks and mostly the ignorant ones but they still don't go that low. The Iraqi Arabs I know make no distinction between Muslims or Christians and see us all as Iraqis.


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