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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, June 28 2011, 18:33:14 (UTC)
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In Mexico poor people can set up a business one day and if it doesn't work, change to something else and then something else....if all else fails you can squat on someone's unused land if you aren't caught within a few years, the land you built your house plus some more to grow food and have animals can become legally yours...and Mexicans know they can thank Zapata for that...he said the land belongs to those who work it.

You'd be better off moving to a "poor" country, with some funds, and setting yourself up in some sort of business....the American Dream is only a device to keep people buying lottery tickets because they MIGHT win...they have to place their hopes on "winning" because it's no longer possible to attain a good lifestyle by have to WIN it or cheat your way into it.


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