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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, August 22 2014, 2:40:13 (UTC)
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Americans won't ever call their own out. I'm currently working with a white trash, who has missing teeth, he misses work due to not having gas money, he receives food stamps for his family, and with all the bad things he experiences, he is a huge patriot, arrogant and always takes the side of his master when I complain. He wasn't aware ofour own empire but points fingers at others. It doesn't help that he's ignorant. I had to school him on his own country. We are the most violent society in the industrial world. We have, make, sell and buy more weapons than any other country and more than the next 25 countries combined how dare we point fingers. We ganged up on Iraq, destroyed the country, starved millions and that's okay? We destroyed Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Vietnam etc. We have killed and damaged more than the Nazis did but we're the "good guys".


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