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sick to my stomach...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, August 9 2014, 3:10:20 (UTC)
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.....listening to American officials say how "concerned" they are about human misery of the people of they deplore violence and indiscriminate killings...every single crime they accuse ISIS of, the United States has committed in that region......ALL of Iraq was innocent! That didn't stop the government...that too was an illegal war declared against people who'd done nothing to deserve it, like they crying over now, now that Muslims are doing the killing...when Christian do it it is holy.

Every rape, every beheading, every bombing of a sewage plant or electric plant, every atrocity America is so worried about today was committed by us...and we aren't Muslims...we aren't "evil" we are CHRISTIANS...and look at what we unleashed...look at what we TAUGHT people to do.....when did we care for human rights in Iraq or Palestine for that matter that we are the ones now to point the finger at ANYONE else!


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