Israelis Refuse to Serve

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Posted by pancho ( on January 26, 2002 at 13:44:43:

So I picks up the News here in Mexico and read that fifty two reserve Army officers stationed in occupied Palestine have sent in a letter refusing to fight any longer in a capacity that has nothing to do with Israeli security but only serves to degrade and humiliate the Palestinian people. This is "very rare" as the reporter says with tongue way up his editorīs cheek.

Many many devout Jews were violently opposed to the creation of Israel by the Zionists. For Israel to be a righteous state it has to be given to them by the hand of is blasphemy for Man to do it. As far as I know, god never worked through Richard Nixon et al.

The founding fathers of Israel were basically Europeans...including the father of Zionism, Theodor Hertzl. They had the exact same sensibillities though a different set of prejudices...they hated Arabs as much as their Christian neighbors did, who happened to hate Jews only a bit more. But the Jews of Europe were "of" Europe in every other way...MidEast Jews were far more at home and comfortable with Muslims for they well remembered that the Arabs had been the only friends they ever had historically. And thatīs what rankles so when you see Europeans, dressed as Jews, killing Muslims, something they learned from their Christian neighbors, who made an entire country of "Levies" out of the Israelis.

Israel was and is a Western outpost in the MidEast for the purpose of promoting instability and unrest. No European or American government has EVER wanted peace in the MidEast...prices go up with peace and the wealthy Muslims begin looking around to "diversify" into AT&T and Apple and IBM, as they did before a cleric took over in Iran and Saddam was ready to go to work for the US. Israel and the Jews there, are being used by the United States which pays to maintain them and insists they agitate and abuse the native population. The way they tell it it is the other way around with Uncle Sam trying to hold Israel back and "warn" and "scold" the Israelis. I donīt know if the Moslems over there realize this...well ceratinly the ones in prison over there for political reasons must know.

You know, itīs amazing what a lot of bloodshed and crap these Three Sisters have forced on the world's population in the last hundereds of years. Islam foundered when the Clerics invoked Allahīs displeasure at their loose and innovative ways by sending the Mongol hordes to devastate their beautiful and civilized kingdoms. Islam never recovered from that blow and has been reeling since through the imposotion of the usual hobgoblins and idiocies that their own "men of god" foisted on them as a penance for having strayed from what they also told them was the REAL will of Christians were told what god REALLY expected by a slew of vulgar lecherous and grasping priests and popes. The Jews have always been in the grip of their more conservative faction and no more so than in Israel since almost the beginning. The point is there is a convergence of these three sisters from hell in their most conservative and backwards forms..and it is KILLING THE PLANET!

What heavenly god wants your foreskin on a document, or half your asshole? I mean you have got to make people stupid to get them to believe the stuff in the first place...but when you can get them to kill each others children and feel good about have created legions of mad men and women...and thatīs just what we have...all contending for the title of most "Godlike" less.

The United States chose the MidEast a long time ago as the place to plunder...and Saddam and Bin Laden...god bless ém, says Uncle Sam...have served that purpose well. If they stumbled on Bin Laden, theyīd let him go...he is invaluable in the they also sit around waiting and hoping that some other ship gets bombed or airplane downed...and Americans believe George Babies TEARS!!!

Africa will be next...they are at it already I am sure. The problem will be that both Africa and America have Black people in them...and Afro us, are descended from the place this country covets next. What to do with any pesky feelings of guilt that might arise in the hearts of Black people in the US when they see their own homelands and peoples served up next?

One thing to do is begin letting Blacks into the Republican Party...even make a judge or two out of them...what harm can they do, and the Toms will be more white than Whites. Just like the women they co opted had to have four balls and be willing to kill even MORE inncoents than the men were, before they were allowed to join. Once you convince Blacks that they really have nothing in common with other Blacks elsewhere in the can do as you wish.

Look what they did with us. A job, a storefront church or two..the Super Bowl..and poof!! Gone the love of country, of Heritage etc. What emerges is another type os Assyrian altogether, one who acts as if and believes that his best interests and destiny now lie with the West, that grand Country Club that used not to allow him in the front door...but letīs him in now, for the price of his soul...because once that is taken, or rather handed over willingly...the empty shell that remains can just go join the rest of them and you never need be bothered by him or his "conscience" again.

It seems that once you make a person, Black, Asian, Assyrian, Arab, Italian have a new breed of who will allow his only recently abandoned homes and people to be crushed and swallowed whole because he is no longer "of them". Itīs the Body and Soul snatchers...only no one minds, hell, they are as eager as can be. For America is a Great Country because it has managed to keep enough Goodies dangling in front of enough schmucks to convince them that in the quest for Goodies and ever more Goodies, lies the real Holy Grail...and you can see them willing to foist the children they canīt seem to raise OR stop having, onto the State or strangers, consoling baby and themselves with the fiction made in Madison Aveneue suites that..." all of this is for darling baby, cause mummy and duddy want it to have the BEST...and we will have QUALITY TIME"... when the parents find the time for any kind of time. And you see right there what "best" has come to mean for these weird humans who will wind up disgusted with the little darling anyway...but always have that new car.

They need a home town contingent to make the alienation complete...thatīs what Clarence Thomas and a few others will achieve and of course the mules America keeps as athletes. Thatīs what Madeliene Verybright did and what Janet Reno was for...drag queans if there ever were any.

Itīs called "co-opting" and as H. Rap Browne said..."the white man would co-opt dog shit if he could make a profit".

But those Israeli officers are a ray of sunshine. They show that you canīt fool everybody all the time. Sooner or later our basic human decency peeps through all of the harsh and gaudy make-up...thatīs why so much money and effort and patience went into changing the laws and allowing corporations to buy up the Media...if you can control can control what people think and believe and how they agree to behave for much longer.

The only hope is again, the conscience of the American people. If fifty two Israeli officers can buck the system...we should be able to fuck it!

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